Sunday, June 11, 2017

another journey awaits me.

Around eight weeks from now, I will be starting my journey through medical school. I am not getting any younger to delay this any further and maybe I am destined to become a great physician/part time nymphomaniac/blogger. This decision to proceed to medicine will definitely become a life changing experience for me. Especially since I would have to give up a large portion of my youth (if there is still any left) to devote myself to the endless hours of studying as a med student.

Right now I still have not decided on which medical school to attend in my province due to many factors such as the need to avoid toxic people, the amount of stress given by certain schools to students, and of course the credibility of the school (since I would want a school that can help me become a competent physician).

Just recently "Patrick" has been pushing me to attend his alma mater, which has been consistently performing well in the physicians licensure exams. I was considering this school till my friends whom are current and former students there say that the workload is very demanding as compared to the other schools in our province and that out of the usual 200 admitted students only around 30 - 40 manage to finish the whole program. Since I did not want him to meddle with my studies (since he is also teaching in his alma mater) or even compare his performance with mines, the only other good options left for me is my alma mater and the new medical school which they say is as challenging as his alma mater.

During one of our bedtime conversations (yes we are now in the sleepover stage of our relationship), Patrick was still trying to convince me to reconsider going to his alma mater.

"Sige na go for *insert school here*, I will even help you out so you won't have a hard time" he said as if he was a child begging for coins.

I playfully replied telling him "The only hard time I would probably have would be giving you blowjobs, to repay you for all the "help".

he added while looking at me "Imagine having a hard time talking to people and eating from the strain, I might have caused on your jaws."

As I looked back at him. He gave me a cheeky smile and started playing with my cheeks.

"So ano na? Will you still push me to go to your alma mater?" I was starting to get a bit annoyed

He jokingly blurted out "Just wait till your internship, I will make your life a living hell."

Still a bit irked I said "Maybe in the future we would become the ultimate rival physicians in the province or have a striving practice and refer our future patients with each other."


Advance Happy Independence Day! Taken during an
event to celebrate the culture and heritage of our province.
This was also the first time we got caught  in public together by
people we know, despite them not knowing our sexual status.
Things have been going really well for me and Patrick. We have been getting to know each other very well over late night dinner, sleepovers, and random trips around the province. It feels like we are both in the same wavelength and that I think he could be "the one". Maybe we should make things official soon but how? Ughh.

Lately things have been very busy for me due to the demands needed by my seasonal job as an instructor of my beloved profession but since summer classes is already over and I quit my old job at the hospital. I am a free man for the next two months, before I become a student again.

Hopefully I get to finally decide on which school to attend ASAP and that I can put my two month downtime to good use.