Monday, March 21, 2016


After our trip out of the country last December, my have parents decided to really move out of the country and go back to live in my dad's country of origin for good (yes.. forever..). My dad being the most impulsive guy I know had sold everything that he had left here except for the properties that was under my name or my mother. Thinking that he was not serious about actually leaving the country, I simply ignored it but realized that this was really happening when I found out from my cousin that my father has bought back our house in the land of the rising sun from my aunt.

I was angry, confused, and torn. I did not know what to say to my parents when my father told me to just not take my board exams and start a new life in the foreign land. Since he said we would go no where if we stay in this country filled with greed. He kept saying that "If you work here, you will simply work for the rest of your life to only earn enough to keep you alive and not earn to have a better life" and said that "business here involves a lot of red tape". I got his point but still I grew up here and I find it so hard to let go of a place that has been deeply engraved my heart.. I actually love the life of hardship and drama here in the Philippines.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Fast track

I seem to be doing well in my nesting stage at my new "temporary" life as a call center agent. The first week of nesting was a bit nerve-racking because we get to handle real customers to address their problems and concerns regarding the telecomm service they current are in. During the second week of nesting, things got better.. Since my call handling got better and that I was more comfortable with using my tools. Hopefully I will survive my final week of nesting before becoming a full pledged member of the operations team. For the past few days I sort of feel bad for letting Cheng send and pick me up from work (I just do not understand how he still has energy to do this when I feel so drained after my shift ends..) and I also feel even more bad for starting to have mini crushes on my other workmates there are so many cuties here.. Ugh! He probably has crushes on his workmates too so I think it is pretty safe to say that were even haha. I am gonna have a major life change though soon.. I was already expecting this since before but I have never really noticed how time has flew by so fast that the major "life changing" event is already right around the corner.. I will get through this though.

Short post for now.. I have nothing much to share for now :)

Globe has finally let me pre-order my Samsung Galaxy S7! (This post is not sponsored in any way. I just wanted to share this) I am so happy since I really needed to upgrade my phone since I sort of got tired with my Acer Z630 which has been with me for about two months but it was about time I get a "high-end" phone.