Monday, March 21, 2016


After our trip out of the country last December, my have parents decided to really move out of the country and go back to live in my dad's country of origin for good (yes.. forever..). My dad being the most impulsive guy I know had sold everything that he had left here except for the properties that was under my name or my mother. Thinking that he was not serious about actually leaving the country, I simply ignored it but realized that this was really happening when I found out from my cousin that my father has bought back our house in the land of the rising sun from my aunt.

I was angry, confused, and torn. I did not know what to say to my parents when my father told me to just not take my board exams and start a new life in the foreign land. Since he said we would go no where if we stay in this country filled with greed. He kept saying that "If you work here, you will simply work for the rest of your life to only earn enough to keep you alive and not earn to have a better life" and said that "business here involves a lot of red tape". I got his point but still I grew up here and I find it so hard to let go of a place that has been deeply engraved my heart.. I actually love the life of hardship and drama here in the Philippines.


  1. I now understand your comment on my last entry. :)

  2. Still, the land of the rising sun...

    I wouldn't mind setting place there, going back and forth.

  3. Nothing beats the drama here in the Philippines.

  4. Now I understand your background.