Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Rat Race.

So just this month after not being allowed to take the upcoming board exams. I decided to get a job to keep myself busy and remain productive. Boy oh boy! After getting the job! I have realized so much things!

Here are a few things that I realized when getting a job

  • Lining up at government offices can be such a hassle since I would have to wake up really early in the morning just to get a service number at NBI, SSS, and even for the medical check up..
  • The pay for entry level jobs is not really enough to have a decent lifestyle.. I mean how the eff can I buy a house or even support my needs when I only get a basic pay of around 9k a month plus taxable benefits of 3k? (Not to sound ungrateful or anything)
  • I have learned to respect the people who work in offices more.. Their job is not easy and yet they are not really compensated well.

Things are going great for me so far :) After applying for the job at an online job portal, I got a call like a few hours after to wear "Business casual attire" (WTF is Business casual attire haha.. I had to google for it but I still didnt understand so I wore long sleeves and slacks.) and see them for my long waves of interviews.. After being one of the few applicants out of 20++ applicants to have had made the final that day.. It has made me conclude that applying for a job is such a struggle haha. 

But anyways I now work in a bank since I didn't want to work in a call center and I can't work anything medical related without my license. Funny thing is it's a bank close to where Cheng is working at :) It is sort of awkward being one of the few male bank tellers.. They said I can become a "Roving Teller" once I finish "training". So far nobody has asked about my sexual orientation but I have this huge crush on this guy who handles the loans.. I need to catch a sneak peak of what he has to offer when he pees on the urinal next time. 

Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Sadly... I have decided to give up trying and not take the boards since I have some issues with the school and that they have discouraged me from taking it despite being consistently ranking among the top ten during the review and in my batch.

I just had to vent this out here. I really hate my school right now... Hopefully when they let me take the next board exams and when I pass it I will shove it up their faces and apply at our rival school as a faculty.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Will be back

Good bye for now :) I will be back on Feb 8.. Right now I really have to focus.. I need all the luck, blessings and prayers I can get. Hopefully I will top the boards but passing it will be just fine :) see you guys again soon :)

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Hello 2016

For the past few years I have this "on and off relationship" with gay social networking sites like Grindr, Planet Romeo, and just recently Tinder. This special relationship I have with these apps have made me realize that it has turned me into some monstrous dogbitch. 

I would spend my study breaks and lazy nights looking for my next fuck buddy to have decent conversations with.  Right now however to me its has become more like an app to look for people to hook up with.  Gone are the days where you get good conversations, now it's a place to find a decent fuck. All these people in it must have influenced me to become this way. I was never like this. I used to be very submissive and yet very passive about these things.

So this year in 2016 I will now find love in a more classy way (Seduce and Abuse joke) and avoid these apps for they are full of horn dogs and assholes. I will not become superficial and judge people based on how they look. What really matters is personality (But ugh I hate to admit but maybe 30% is looks as well) and how a person carries himself.

Hopefully this year would be great for me. Since I finally decided that after the boards I will join the rat race and find myself a decent 9-5 job in my quest to finding myself.. I don't even know if I still want to become a medical practitioner anymore. I lost my burning desire to make everything better for people after being exposed to really irate and unappreciative patients. Hopefully this time I won't go on another month long hiatus of blogging haha.