Wednesday, December 30, 2015

We keep crossing paths.

A week ago at the airport things got really awkward...
I was never expecting to see him again but FUDGE I saw Cheng and his family at the airport.
I pretended not to see them but I seemed to have failed miserably at avoiding them since his mother called me over to sit with them at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.

I could not decline his mother's (Tita) offer to get me a drink as part of her quest to finally obtain a planner for 2016 which they call "The Giving Journal".

To break silence I asked "Where are you guys headed?"                 
Cheng's sister happily said "Were going to Universal Studios in Japan!"Fudge, I guess this means that were gonna be in the same flight.. Friggin PAL I should have took CebuPac if I had known... I said to myself

After how many months of avoiding him somehow the world just wants our paths to cross again or maybe I have yet to realize that this province I am in is actually really small and that maybe the world is actually small.

Cheng nudged me to go with him for a smoke.
He grinned at me as he lit up his Marlboro black using the lighter that was tied to the table. 
"Smoking again huh? How are you Cheng?" I said while fanning the smoke away from me
"I am doing ok. I got promoted last month. I am close to becoming a branch manager maybe in a year or two from now. What about you?"
"Right now, preparing for the upcoming board exams and still thinking what to do with my life right after.. Still a bit confused if I should focus on trying to go abroad or maybe proceed wth med school"

We just stared at each other for a good 30 seconds.

Suddenly I felt weird.. like butterflies in my stomach. I thought I have completely moved on but ugh. He always has his way to get back into my mind. Isn't he tired? Tired of running on my mind? *Insert laugh track here(haha, buh I know its a lame pick-up line #hugoat)* 

A few flashbacks of happy moments with him started to run through my mind.. Despite the strong smell of cigarette smoke, 
I can tell that he has his usual Burberry Weekend cologne on. The familiar scent that once lingered on my sheets and pillows.. Brings back so much memories of how lust turned to love which later led to months of heartbreak. 

"Funny how our paths crossed again.." I said
He casually ran his hand up my crotch "I miss this... Too bad my girlfriend doesn't have one.."
I froze in shock
"Your still wearing our couple watch.." as he showed me he had his on too.

I felt some non-sexual tension building up. We had two more hours till boarding time.
I was getting hard and I can tell he wanted something quick by the familiar look of lust on his face.. 
Luckily there was barely anyone in the airport today. Otherwise we would have had a hard time releasing all this tension. 

We got in the biggest cubicle and made out. He pulled down his pants and directed my head to his manong.. I pulled back the foreskin and smelled the familiar odour which was unappealing yet arousing at the same time as I proceeded to give him head as he played with my hair and covered his mouth his jacket to try and silence his brisk moans. 

Finally after a few moments he signalled that he was about to cum so I let his manong go deep in to my throat so that I directly swallow every single drop of it and to make sure I don't leave a trace in my mouth. He was now giving me head and I shoot out all into his mouth and as we started to fix ourselves he got tissues out of his pocket and spat it out and threw it in the trash bin which I found sort of unfair.

I could still feel his length in my mouth as I write this post to document and preserve memories. Happy Holidays to all of you and thank you for the all the sweet greetings you guys sent me on my email :) Very happy to read them :) Sorry for not being able to post much since I was busy reviewing for the upcoming boards and the usual holiday rituals.