Monday, April 6, 2015

I've been busy.

Lately I have been pretty busy with my life. I have not been this busy since about a year ago on my path to internship. I don't seem to understand how my internship right now has started to eat up so much of my time. I expected my internship life to not be so toxic as a reward for all my hardwork in school. I have to admit though that if I had given my thesis more effort, I would have never been this busy.

I have become so busy to the point that this year I have not undergone the annual feeling of regrets on how I never should have failed as much or shifted many courses when seeing my former classmates graduate and take the next journey towards aiming to become a board placer or to experience the rat race of life.

"Bitter seeing your former batchmates graduate already?" He said as I was scrolling my news feed.
I bitterly say "Nope. I honestly cant even imagine myself working or taking part of the family business"

 I feel so stressed out but buuuh even my long weekend/holy week vacay was filled with tons of stuff to do.. I have been in my room for about 70% of the time..
"You need more sex, your clothes are starting to not fit you well anymore.. Even your face is getting rounder" He jokingly said as he was caressing my neck
I was tempted to give in since we have not done anything naughty for the past few days but then I was already comfortable in bed spooning with him and said "Will you still love me when I get super fat and old or do I only exist to you when you have needs to be satisfied?"
I felt his manong growing as it starts to poke my butt cheek.. from there everything happened :)