Sunday, December 28, 2014

Happy Holidays~

So its Christmas morning and I am spending it not alone but with friends. This is my second christmas away from family but I moved out of my province to start a new life and probably a less discrete life. I sort of feel happier that I can freely tell my female co-interns that I play for the same team and go for guys too without being scared that it would get to my family or how I can just post my picture on the blue planet when I am feeling horny and exchange messages without being to pre-cautious to others.  I feel sort of dirty though as I have never been this sexually active as compared to before where I don't like enjoy doing anything sexual. This is probably me entering a new phase of life or prolly just exploring my new life which I have to leave in a few days.

Its been nearly a month and a half since I moved in to Q.C and I really love life here minus the traffic, seemingly irate taxi drivers, and of course the feeling of overpopulation. I have gotten used to taking advantage of the various modes of transportation available here to get around the city. You name it and I tried it (FX, Bus, Jeep, MRT, LRT, Taxi, Tricycle, Pedicab, and even a Kalesa). I recently have met up with two fellow bloggers who happen to constantly email me for a movie (Thanks btw Mark and Tom for paying for my ticket) :)  I got myself tested for HIV and I tested negative :) For free testing and yes they offer a more discreet testing with just a minimal donation check out

I shall post again soon. This is a late post which I forgot to publish a few days ago. :)

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Pathetically missing him

Fun fact: Traveling to my place by MRT is way faster than on car since walang traffic yung rails.

I have been living in Q.C for about 3 weeks now and I sort of still feel so lonely. I am tempted to go on the blue planet but I promised myself that I should really just stay safe for now.

I rode the MRT for the fourth time in my life a few days ago. It felt great going from point to point in a matter of minutes but the tightness from all the people crammed up inside just makes me feel uncomfy.

Paul (The BA student I fondled wth) and I have been dating for quite some time now. He is visiting me in Manila for the weekend