Monday, October 27, 2014

Another chapter begins.

I was finally going to open a new bank account to hide all my savings in which my parents cannot constantly monitor. Since I was already getting annoyed at how they don't give me my allowance when they see that I have saved up a good amount of money or how they constantly question my spendings when money gets depleted too fast or when I make transactions over a certain amount for the week. It was annoying!! So I decided to just open a new savings account at the bank nearby my school.

"I am here to open an account at your bank." I said to the lady on the table who led me to sit inside a cubicle behind her.

"Good morning! What brings you here today Sir?"

Holy Mother of Cows!! Its him!! The BA student I fondled with a few weeks ago. I was in shock and just smiled and said "I came here to open a savings account"

Of all the banks why did he have to be assigned on that specific branch... Awkward! Seeing the guy that I fondled with.. Pretending to not know each other or acknowledge the history we both had.

"Sir Im gonna need you to fill in the needed information on this form" him being so professional handed me the form and a pen with a poker face.

It was so awkward x 100!!! I avoided the branch near the coffee shop I frequently stay in just to avoid Cheng and now this branch has the guy I fondled with?!?

A few hours after opening my account I got a text from the banker/guy I met on the blue planet "Was it mere coincidence that you came to the branch I intern in or can you not get enough of me? ;P"

After a few minutes he texted "I go out at 4:30pm lets get it on again :)"

So I agreed and I think he is cute.. I like him but maybe we would just stay as fck buddies..

Grades were finally out a few days ago and I made it! :)
I finally will graduate next semester! (Yes octoberian ako..) In a few months I will be given a choice to either continue with my studies and take up Medicine to be a doctor or start working my butt off and make a living for myself.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Moving forward.

Earlier today (Oct 6, 2014) I was taking my old clothes out of my closet to donate and to make room for new clothes to come. All the shirts, shorts and pants that got tattered through the years have been cleared out of my closet.. Till I found I found his shirt...

It was the shirt that he took off just to wear the red Fred Perry polo-shirt I got him for our monthsary... Suddenly a sudden rush of feelings started to come back. I was tempted to put it with all the other donations but I just had to call him..

"Si.. Hello, you finally decided to call me.."

"Your old shirt is here. Do you want it back?"

"What shirt? You miss me noh? Kay you know na I miss you too bro"

"Basta Cheng. Your shirt is here. Do you want it back or shall I donate it nalang?"

"Donate nalang na. We should go out for some drinks when your not busy ah"

"Ok bye.."

I felt awkward. I thought I have fully moved on already but suddenly I just want him to feel miserable. I know its wrong for me to think that way since I was the one who ended things.. Maybe I will be forever the bitter ex. Its been 3 months and yet I never expected to feel this way. But I do not long for his arms to surround me, I guess I really just let go and that was just one of the obstacles of moving on.