Saturday, May 31, 2014

Pros & Cons of Living Together

Its been around 6 weeks since we started living together under one roof and right now I am still amazed at how we put up with each others irks and quirks. Its probably our love for each other that keep us together like peanut butter and jelly :) Or how I get late night shoulder massages while I take study breaks. But anyways we want to share our pros and cons of living together because who knows we might just look back and just laugh about this.

The Cons of Living Together..
1. Household Chores...
- Since we decided not to get a helper. We have to deal with doing the household chores ourselves to maintain order but the sad thing is that we both hate washing the dishes and taking out the trash. Most especially taking out the trash since we would have to send our segregated trash to utility services which is all the way in the belly of the 3rd floor and we are all the way on the 8th floor.

2. The Bathroom Rush.
- Since it only has one bathroom we sometimes have to rush each other to use the showers at 6-7am or be unable to poop in peace with Cheng or I rushing each other.

3. We get annoyed how we are so disorderly at times
- I get annoyed at how Cheng doesn't fix the bed in the morning since its a given that the last person staying in bed should be the one to make the bed but instead he just leaves the sheets everywhere and sometimes even the pillows on the floor or how he likes to eat in bed with all the crumbs and all its just so ick... On the other hand Cheng hates it when I don't clean my mess in the living room, when I leave my empty bottles or wrappers on the living room which I tend to forget about and not throw away at all..

4. Barely any alone time
-We both like to get alone time... Most especially me though. It gives me time to think and breath but sadly with us being together almost 24/7 of the time sadly we cant expect much alone time anymore or even privacy at times.


The Pros of living together :)
1. More sex :)
- Pretty self explanatory after a long day we just get in bed and everything just happens ;) Downside being how disorderly our bed gets in the morning

2. We get to know each other more
- We get to know more about each other and even understand each others quirks and irks.

3. More US time ;)
- We just have more time for each other to cuddle while watching TV, we get to cook for each other, and basically just enjoy each others company

4. The feeling of independence
- We both long the feeling of independence. Living on our own :) Paying our own bills (With me as an exception though since I dont work yet and live off my parents money) and all. It just feels good to be independent being free from the strings attached from staying at home with parents

5. We both save more money
- Since we split the expenses for the bills, groceries, and we tend to eat at home more :0

6. We feel more in love together :)
- Those random times he would hug me and give me a nice massage. The random times I just kiss him when he is around. I just felt like we brought our relationship to a whole new level :)

Sorry if we have not been posting much. We got pretty busy with school, work, etc and all I sure do hope that I can regularly start posting again now that I am done with a few projects I have been into.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

living together.

For the past two weeks, I have been living with Cheng in his newly bought “shoebox”(Condo) and it has been such a virginal experience for the both of us…  We had to make some agreements, adjustments, and allowances just to make life in the shoebox livable for the both of us. We were both excited to start living life on our own and move out of our parent’s home, just to live together and feel a bit independent. Normally our parents would not allow us to move out and live on our own but my excuse to move out was that it was closer to school and that I had to focus on my studies by going away from my comfort zone and his excuse to his parents was that he had to live in the condo because they have a non existent “company project” to do.

Both our parents bought our excuses J Hahaha.

Little did they know that Cheng actually bought the condo and had five years to pay for it. By then we would be ready to live our own lives the way we like it.

We had a hard time at first trying to adjust to each other’s needs. One major change that struck me the most is how Cheng wants to sleep completely naked in bed and he says that if I don’t do the same it makes him feel awkward.  Another would be how I hate it when Cheng brings his slippers anywhere outside the living room, so he compromised by not using slippers in our bedroom and toilet.  I really wish I could write up some more for this blog but its just that summer class has been too heavy for me and that I just cannot wait for summer class to be over so I could finally give myself a break.