Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Asking the gods.

So far 2014 has been so good to me and I hope it stays that way for the rest of the year. A few days ago however I needed some divine guidance so I took "Simon" with me to the temple. I had 3 questions to ask the gods.. I just needed answers because something has been bothering me a bit lately.

So I told the gods who I was and that right after I asked the gods my queries and dropped the Jiaobei (wooden blocks).. Out of the 3 questions asked only one of them had a definite answer of "NO" from the gods. I felt very enlightened and happy knowing that the gods approve of the direction of my life but yet at the same time a bit disappointed that the gods have disapproved when I asked if I could raise a child with "Simon".. Oh well then better ask again when I get back to the temple maybe the gods would have already changed their minds by then. Since our future is never definite and that we are the pilots of our own tomorrow. So I am positive that in the end I could get the more favorable decision.

So we finally left the temple and took time to just relax in my room. I needed to release the tension I have been keeping in me. I had to let out what needs to be release daily... I locked doors and pulled down the curtains to dim my room a little.

"Si, The gods don't want us to raise a child together..."
"Maybe the gods just think we are not ready for one now.."
While unbuttoning my shirt and facing him with my semi-hard cock I said "Kneel down and pray"..

"Don't you miss sucking out the answer?"
"Let us see if we can turn your father into a grandpa by giving him a grandson.."
"Si, don't stop the answer is coming.."

Its been awhile since we made love in my room.. Exploring every inch of our bodies till we visit every unique landmark our body has to offer.  I just love the faces Simon makes in bed. Its cute... I just love how red we get right after and how we can get so sweaty we can get right after. I am gonna miss this for the next 3 weeks.. I guess my hands will do for now while I am here in SG..

Do you guys think Simon should give me a "free pass" to ALLOW me to try a bathhouse in SG? I really would want to try but Simon is being a grumpy butt and says I might find someone else there..
I shall write to you guys again tomorrow ;)

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Here all along.

He tricked me. He told me he wouldn't be able to come back to the Philippines in time for Valentines...

I knew something fishy was going on when my friends told me to go ahead and reserve a table for 8 at the mountain resort we frequent a lot. It was all part of the plan! I came rushing to the venue at 7:30pm thinking I was late because of the waves of texts coming in from my friends asking where I was.. I rushed to the corner table right across the bar and I saw him again... He had a 9 o'clock shadow on.. It was Cheng!!

"Hoy shoti you miss me?" he said
"I thought you wouldn't be back till the 17th"
"I wanted to make this Valentines day special by surprising you"

 I couldn't help but feel teary eyed seeing him again after weeks of not seeing him. Finally being able to feel his warm embrace again. I could tell that he had Clinique Happy on him. It was that sweet scent I smelled on him when I gave him back his phone at Mcdo years ago. 

It felt like the perfect date. Everything was going so well! Eating good food while overlooking view of the "Queen City of the South" from the mountains. He held my hand on the table and took out a blue box. I opened it and it housed a charming silver link bracelet by Tiffany & Co.

"Do you like it?" pushing the box towards me in the table
Still awed by the beauty of the bracelet I said "Wow..  Its beautiful.."
"You study hard and make sure you finally get that diploma so we can finally make things official"
"Hopefully they would accept us with open arms when we do tell them.."

School has been such a bitch to me lately.. It has been barely giving me any time to blog but hopefully this would all pay off by the end of the semester :) Cheng is leaving again for Singapore in a few days and I keep pushing him to make post to keep this blog up and alive. Hopefully tomorrow he would post something and again thanks to all of you for the random convos we do over email :) I really appreciate it when you guys email me :) Feel free me to email me if you guys are bored or something its

Monday, February 10, 2014

Friends of the past

So just recently a friend of mine who happened to be my best friend from grade school till high school came out to everyone on Facebook. Who could have known that Den whom I played Beyblades with turned out to be gay. Out of all the people I never expected Den to be like me. But guess what Den the fellow 50% Pinoy, 5'8'' tall, alabaster skinned, lean nerd is gay..

Back then Den would be the guy who got me into all sorts of trouble. I remember one time during my 2nd year of high school he talked me into sneaking in the girls bathroom and hiding in one of the lockers just to take a peek at the girls changing. Who could have knew that that guy would turn out to be gay. Who could have known that Den the guy who steals the panties of our female classmates would turn out to be gay.. Who could have known that the guy who supplies me with porn would end up to be gay.. Who would could have known..
Why couldn't I have known?

Our little Q and A session last night over a few drinks
“How did you find out you liked guys” I asked..
He laughed and said “It was love at first blow”

"So back in high school, did you have feelings for me?"

"You were more like a brother to me even if I always picked on you"

"So uhm do you think I am gay?" I asked to see if the gaydar theory is real..
"You gay? Your just a sissy like all the other nerds" (So his gaydar isn't working or maybe I am just not that obvious)

"What if I told you my friend Cheng is actually my boyfriend"
I show him a picture of me and Cheng kissing
"Wow I guess we really are meant to be best friends because we are the same haha. You are gay like me but you have a boyfriend and I don't."

"So I guess Den-Den needs to stop bullying me from now on because my boyfriend will beat you up if you pick on me like the old days"
"Maybe Cheng should punish me for being such a little boy picking on his little boyfriend over here.."
"You still have not changed.. Den-den my horniest friend"

I just hope Den-den doesn't tell anyone just yet about my little secret just yet... Seeing him again makes me feel a bit bitter knowing that my high school batchmates are already working and some even already starting a family.. I really need to pull my shit together and get that diploma soon.. I bet my high school batchmates never expected me an honor roll student becoming such a lazy bitch in College..


Sorry for not updating you much my bloggy! I have been pretty busy with school lately and that hopefully this semester I would pass all my subjects and be closer to internship :)

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Things have been different.

 Taken during one of our road trips to the south of our province.

Its been more than a week without Cheng and I already miss him so bad! I miss his touch, his smell, and his horniness. Sadly just last night he told me that he won't be able to come back home next week for Valentines day :(... I was already excited to finally be in his arms again.. I just miss getting irked out by him.. I miss the stench that he leaves in my room whenever he sleeps over.. I miss how we always argue over him not using soap.. I miss how we randomly crave for some dimsum. Technically I miss everything about him.

"Simon.. I really miss home already.. I feel so alone here" he said
"Just a few more days and we would get to see each other again!"
"The people at my work place treat me like shit. I don't know if they are making me feel inferior ba or maybe I am just becoming a bit too sensitive."
"Your mom sent me some fruits a few days ago, she says she misses you"
"By the way I am not coming back home for valentines..."

So I guess it is gonna be a lonely Valentines for me then :(

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Gong Xi Fa Kai

I feel so lonely for spending the holidays alone for the first time. Well what can I do? I have only been in SG for a few days. I have not made any good friends, I did not adapt to my new environment, and I feel so homesick. I miss everything about the place I call home.. I miss simon.. His awkwardness, his angelic smile, his touch and his warmth. I miss driving to his home late at night, just to watch movies or talk with him. I miss scaring him every time I randomly just barge in his room. I miss how he always gives in to sex even when he is not in the mood. I know right now he is super busy with his wave of midterm exams and how he hates seeing me frown every time we talk on Skype.  I just cannot wait for my week long vacation next week. I wanted to advance my career but I did not know by grabbing this opportunity I had to be away from the many things I love. 

It’s Lunar New Year and it comes with the greeting “Gong Xi Fa Cai”. So its a start of a new chapter of our life and that may we prosper in whatever endeavours we wish to pursue. I wish all of you well and I wish Tian-tian finally gets his diploma soon.