Monday, September 29, 2014

Its been awhile.

There is this someone I have been going out with for about a month now. I never told him about this blog yet but eventually he will find out or who knows maybe he reads this blog too!

How did I meet him? A bazillion nights ago  I was feeling horny and I needed to get someone to release all this sexual tension building up. I went on the blue planet searching for someone near me. Messages were exchanged but no one seemed to want to go spend the night with me. I was about to give up and just settle with the porn I already loaded on my laptop till my phone started to "beep". I checked expecting it to be just a text from a classmate or something but no. The Romeo I was stalking on the blue planet finally messaged me back :). We talked a bit more while I still wondering what he looks like, since the only pic he had was a blurred image of him  and we decided to meet at some cheap hotel.

"So you want to hook up?"
"Pwede pero wala ako place, mag book ako ng hotel then we meet sa room nalang"
I didn't even thought for a second that I could be risking my life. Meeting up with some complete stranger that could possibly strangle me, tie me up and feed my body to hungry cats.

So I went to the hotel and as the elevator was ascending I was starting to have second thoughts, I was getting scared on why I would meet someone who was faceless on the blue planet. There was no going back I was in front of the room and I knocked on it twice.

"So you must be the guy I was talking to on PR, I was expecting you to look really nerdy."

As I assessed him from head to toe. He turned out be a young babyfaced chinoy taking up BA at one of the schools in my area. "Same to you. You don't look 22"
"From a man who says he is 25, you look 18 to me. Now come in."

Inside the room.
It was awkward. "Were both in the room. What now?"
The lights were shut off.
He came close and started fondling my crotch.
I moved my hands all over his body and lead him to the bed where we started kissing all over.
I made a trail of kisses going all the way down to his crotch. I unbuttoned it to see that he was circumcised but with no excess skin left to play with.
As I sucked him, he suddenly scratched my back out of reflex. He started to run his hands around my head and played with my hair as I sucked him. He pulled my head out "Wait, I feel like im gonna cum already." He stood up plugged in his iPhone tot he dock and played some Lana Del Rey. He got down on me. "No ass today ok? I didnt bring rubber". I was relieved he did not want to do any ass fucking.

We were just fondling and sucking each other till we both came.

I woke up to the annoying sound of plastic being crinkled. "Good morning! I hope you like longanisa from McDonalds"
So thats the guy I fondled with last night. "Why did you decide to meet a complete stranger like me?"
"When I was exchanging messages with you on "the blue planet". I didn't feel threatened or did I sense anything suspicious. What about you?"

"Well I was horny. I was never really like this. I am usually the guy who avoided sex"
He then said "From the way you handled me last night seemed like you are experienced to all this..." I kept silent and said "I gotta leave for school soon. Late for my second class"


Hello again my blog and my fellow bloggers and readers :)

School has been making me such a busy bee lately. From the daily long exams to the bi-weekly papers to submit and all the crazy lab practicals to take. I really just hope my hard work pays off. I really want to finally become an intern after a year of adjusting to my new course and another year of being held back. Enough about school though and I really appreciated how some of you actually took time to email me just so that I can blog again. haha :) 


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    1. Awh :) I miss reading your blog too. It seems many of us bloggers have went on a mini break

  2. Great to see you blog again. Hoping to read more from you

    1. whyd you stop emailing me? haha miss the random emails

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    1. Thanks looking forward to read from you again soon :)

  4. I honestly had to backread to get the whole picture. Im happy for you Simon :)

  5. Awh.. Cant help but backread all your post. hoping to c more from u

  6. What a brave adventure. I cannot do what you just narrated because of my constant fear of strangers esp in a situation like yours. I may meet strangers when I travel but not from hook ups or blind dates. Learn to be wary of others.

  7. well well well welcome back lolz

  8. It has been awhile. A lot has happened to you.

  9. Mmm... couldn't get enough of sausages huh?

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    1. Simon, di ko talaga makita emails mo.. :(