Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Just friends.

Its been more than a month since everything started going downhill..
Me and Cheng started talking again like the old times but settled everything once and for all..

We decided to stick to just being "just friends"..

I know that I have stopped chasing and let go already but I just can't help but think back when, everything just felt so right. I miss the times when we were just so happy together its just too bad that we had to come to this but maybe for your happiness I just have to let you go...

I think I am not making sense right now... Anyways ill keep writing.. Maybe I will find someone else sooner or later. For now ill just be the bitter ex, who hates listening to your stories about your current soon-to-be-girlfriend.

Gwa ai di Cheng.. I still love you but in time ill fully get over you and just move on. Hopefully this someone wouldn't really remind me of you. I know you still love me but I cannot be with you and live a lie and fool some woman into making me the third party.. Hopefully I will get over you. For now let's just say I really let you go..

Monday, July 7, 2014

This is where it ends.

The feelings are now gone and lost. No matter how hard I try to find the feelings it just won't spark anymore..

Maybe things are just meant to be this way so we both can mature to live our separate lives..
Funny how I am so unaffected of letting him go.. Have I unconsciously prepared myself to let go or has the feelings just got lost through time?

This is where it ends.