Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Things have been different.

 Taken during one of our road trips to the south of our province.

Its been more than a week without Cheng and I already miss him so bad! I miss his touch, his smell, and his horniness. Sadly just last night he told me that he won't be able to come back home next week for Valentines day :(... I was already excited to finally be in his arms again.. I just miss getting irked out by him.. I miss the stench that he leaves in my room whenever he sleeps over.. I miss how we always argue over him not using soap.. I miss how we randomly crave for some dimsum. Technically I miss everything about him.

"Simon.. I really miss home already.. I feel so alone here" he said
"Just a few more days and we would get to see each other again!"
"The people at my work place treat me like shit. I don't know if they are making me feel inferior ba or maybe I am just becoming a bit too sensitive."
"Your mom sent me some fruits a few days ago, she says she misses you"
"By the way I am not coming back home for valentines..."

So I guess it is gonna be a lonely Valentines for me then :(


  1. Awww... how sad namans....

    so maybe your pillow na lang i-hug mo sa balentayms hehe :D

    or date your mom instead?

    1. I wouldn't want to date my mom haha! Ill just date Cheng's big pillow nalang in his room

  2. awwww....

    but maybe it's a surprise? hihihihi..


  3. Well at least you got someone. I'll be at work for Valentine's, and I even booked a table for one in a restaurant. That's pretty much my love life. So don't get depressed. There are those who are in miserable conditions.

    1. Maybe I should do the same and indulge in a dimsum buffet to carbicide

  4. jusko yung iba nga wala talagang ka-balentayms e. okay lang yan!!!

    haha ang bitter ng comment ko. lol

  5. Well atleast you have someone :)