Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Milestones of 2013

January 2013
- 1st Sinulog together :). (I took care of him this time, when usually I am the one who always gets wasted on liquor.)
- Swallowed for the first time for our 7th month together.. (Not the bestest experience but it was out of love)
- Sold my old car.
- Failed most of my midterm exams because I didn't study for any of them.

February 2013
- Cheng got us matching watches for our 8th month together. (I cried for the first time over a gift.. Who knew a watch could make me cry?)
- Bought a new car (Which until now I dearly love)
- Stopped going home late at night and lost my social life to get my grades back up.
- Celebrated Chinese New Year with his family. (I had a great time in bed with him ;) He gave me a sexy dance and that I saw him dance for the first time. It was funny because he was trying so hard and that he didnt know how to dance. It was sweet though :) I was touched)

March 2013
- This is one of the most stressful months of the year.. So many sleepless nights and that I spent my weekends sleeping to make up for them. (We had our first fight because of this.. He didn't like the idea of me not having much time for him.  :( huhuhu )
- Super desperate to pass one of my subjects in college that I cheated in the final exams.. (I copied answers off my classmates.. It was teamwork really because almost the whole class was part of this cheating event we all had one source)
- Got into a car accident.. (After our final exams, even if I did not have sleep for 2 days, I still attended the class party.. I was drunk + really sleepy so I fell asleep while driving on the way back home and hit two guys on a motorcycle.. I was scared shitless.. Its a good thing they were both still alive and that one person just broke his leg. I was glad that nobody was seriously hurt.. My car was so strong that it left me unscratched. Since that incident Cheng would never let me drive again when I go drinking and that I cannot drink without him..)

April 2013
- Releasing of grades :) (I was one of the lucky few to survive the course and passed all my subjects ;) But I was not proud to pass a certain subject because I cheated and that now it haunts me because I am having a hard time in class)
- Forced Cheng to quit smoking.. (He wasn't very happy about it but I wanted him to quit smoking with me for our health and that I realized that smoking doesn't benefit us at all and that it was a waste of money and detrimental to our life.)
- Fought with Cheng again :( (We fought because he really didn't like the idea of me getting mad when he smokes and that how I waste his money by throwing away the packs of cigarettes I see in his room or car. Im glad though that in the end he made me win and that he decided to quit smoking. Im fine with him smoking socially like maybe just a stick but only on special occasions but never chain smoke)
- Start of summer classes (Took up the subjects that I lacked because I shifted courses the year before)

May 2013
- Gave up one subject to pass the other :( (Summer class was just too fast paced and that I just couldn't handle it :( I was taking up two of the hardest subjects at the same time.. I was rushing to catch up with my batchmates.. So I realized that I just couldnt handle it so I gave up that one subject and decided to retake it the following semester.)
- Got my grades the week after the finals for the summer term. (Got the top 1 grade for that subject but failed the other..)

June 2013
- Start of regular classes.. (Took up just 3 subjects for this semester because it was the only ones I could take up at  that time :( )
- Our Anniversary ! I took Cheng out for dinner and finally gave in to his request for sticking his up my bum bum.. I was a pure top by nature and he was versatile but I just had to give in.. Again it wasn't the best first experience.. It was painful fcking painful but it later progressed to a pleasurable kind of pain.. wow horny much haha!)

July 2013
- Cheng finally got his first job :) (We celebrated over dinner and that it was the start of me waiting for him to get out of work since i had so much free time in my hands. Imagine just 5 hours of school everyday..)
- Got super duper drunk on his friends birthday (I was kind of ashamed of myself because he checked me in a hotel because I was too drunk to go home and that he just didnt want to leave me alone.. I felt so loved.)

August 2013
- He surprised me! (He took me to the mountains for my birthday.. :) I was amazed of how his close friends were so supportive of us.. They helped Cheng prepare my surprise birthday celebration I was touched and I was happy to know that Cheng has really good friends whom I love dearly as well too)

September 2013
- I felt too clingy! (Because he keeps working. I feel so bad everytime he is so busy.. I finally knew how he felt when he wasn't busy and I was.. I felt soo attached.. I missed him so badly because he was so busy with work and all but eventually I got used to it and agreed to always have dinner together once a week and spend the weekends together)
- His birthday! (Sang for him on our date in the mountains even if I had a really really bad voice. It made him giggle and happy. He was soo touched that he cried. I was touched that he liked it)

- Final exams (Now we were both super busy.. Him with work and me with school but we always find ways)
- Went on a far away adventure with my friends (We got caught making out by my friend but she said she had always knew the whole time.. Are we that obvious or are we just too close?)
- Started this blog to keep store special memories and that I just wanted to share our random stories. (I also always wanted to make a blog.)
- Got my grades for the semester (Aced the subject I retook :) Again was the highest in my batch. I even beat the third takers and broke the school record. I got the highest grade for those people who ever took that subject under him.. I was super proud)

- First ever major fight.. (Cheng cheated on me.. but eventually we became alright.. I gave him a second chance.. we talk things out and all.
- We decided to come out to those we can trust and to those few who ask. (We were starting to prepare to come out to our family.. we plan on coming out to them after I graduate which would hopefully be a year from now :) )
- Made a lot of new friends on the blogosphere :) Thanks to this blog I made a lot of new email buddies :) It makes me and cheng smile to read the mail we get and read together at times.

- Home alone surprise ;p (We had my house to ourselves :) We were like mad rabbits making love love and more love.

Happy New Year!!! ;) :) :) I hope for many more posts to come in this blog and that hopefully soon Cheng would decide to post on this blog as well or he can start his own :) :) Again thank you guys for your support ;) I love you guys and I really just cant thank you guys enought for everything ;) I am really glad that there are people out there interested about our story.


  1. A year filled with good memories to cherish. May your relationship be bless with happiness this year. Thanks for sharing. I love hearing different stories from many people. Interesting!

    1. Thanks :) I hope to share more to you guys and see more photos in your blog too!

  2. very colorful year indeed! and thanks for allowing us to peek into your lives. :D cheers to a new year and to you guys!

    lmao at mad rabbits making love :))

    1. We all still have that raging hormones left in us :)

  3. Is it that painful? Whoa. Hahaha. Whoa whoa whoa.

    Happy new year! You had one ride of your lifetime. Go have another one. :)

    1. If I am thinking what your thinking.. Yes its painful at first

  4. i learn something new from you almost every post. I like how you outlined the milestones of your life in 2013 :) 2014 is the year where you will succeed with flying colours. work hard play hard! Happy New Year!!!

    1. Thanks :) I do hope for the best for all of us

  5. siksik naman at nilalanggam ang 2013 mo. kakatuwa at documented lahat. im happy to be a witness somehow... keep sharing and may we have great 2014!!!

    1. Thanks for visiting :) I have a jar where I fill it up with pieces of paper with random good memories written on it. :)

    2. serious? may jar talaga? hmm. masubukan nga yan. :)

    3. Yeah :) You should try making one since day 1 of our lives starts now ;) All you need is a jar and 365(or less if you choose to only put very significant moments of your life like mines haha) little pieces of paper you write on

    4. nice idea. i wana make one for myself this year

  6. lot of things happened pero morethings to come for 2014

  7. Grabe, there were a lot of dark moments there. Nakakaloka tong 2013. Parang ayaw magpalabas ng buhay. But I'm glad we all survived. Manigong Bagong Taon, Simon! :) Keep spreading that infectious energy. :)

    1. 2013 has been somewhat good :) Compared to my darker past pre 2011

  8. I love the "swallowing" milestone all because I couldn't remember the first time I did. LOL.

    Happy new year to you both!

    PS: At mag-aral ng mabuti.

    1. Ooh! you probably had been too naughty to remember ;P :) Thanks for dropping by ah!