Sunday, December 28, 2014

Happy Holidays~

So its Christmas morning and I am spending it not alone but with friends. This is my second christmas away from family but I moved out of my province to start a new life and probably a less discrete life. I sort of feel happier that I can freely tell my female co-interns that I play for the same team and go for guys too without being scared that it would get to my family or how I can just post my picture on the blue planet when I am feeling horny and exchange messages without being to pre-cautious to others.  I feel sort of dirty though as I have never been this sexually active as compared to before where I don't like enjoy doing anything sexual. This is probably me entering a new phase of life or prolly just exploring my new life which I have to leave in a few days.

Its been nearly a month and a half since I moved in to Q.C and I really love life here minus the traffic, seemingly irate taxi drivers, and of course the feeling of overpopulation. I have gotten used to taking advantage of the various modes of transportation available here to get around the city. You name it and I tried it (FX, Bus, Jeep, MRT, LRT, Taxi, Tricycle, Pedicab, and even a Kalesa). I recently have met up with two fellow bloggers who happen to constantly email me for a movie (Thanks btw Mark and Tom for paying for my ticket) :)  I got myself tested for HIV and I tested negative :) For free testing and yes they offer a more discreet testing with just a minimal donation check out

I shall post again soon. This is a late post which I forgot to publish a few days ago. :)

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Pathetically missing him

Fun fact: Traveling to my place by MRT is way faster than on car since walang traffic yung rails.

I have been living in Q.C for about 3 weeks now and I sort of still feel so lonely. I am tempted to go on the blue planet but I promised myself that I should really just stay safe for now.

I rode the MRT for the fourth time in my life a few days ago. It felt great going from point to point in a matter of minutes but the tightness from all the people crammed up inside just makes me feel uncomfy.

Paul (The BA student I fondled wth) and I have been dating for quite some time now. He is visiting me in Manila for the weekend

Monday, October 27, 2014

Another chapter begins.

I was finally going to open a new bank account to hide all my savings in which my parents cannot constantly monitor. Since I was already getting annoyed at how they don't give me my allowance when they see that I have saved up a good amount of money or how they constantly question my spendings when money gets depleted too fast or when I make transactions over a certain amount for the week. It was annoying!! So I decided to just open a new savings account at the bank nearby my school.

"I am here to open an account at your bank." I said to the lady on the table who led me to sit inside a cubicle behind her.

"Good morning! What brings you here today Sir?"

Holy Mother of Cows!! Its him!! The BA student I fondled with a few weeks ago. I was in shock and just smiled and said "I came here to open a savings account"

Of all the banks why did he have to be assigned on that specific branch... Awkward! Seeing the guy that I fondled with.. Pretending to not know each other or acknowledge the history we both had.

"Sir Im gonna need you to fill in the needed information on this form" him being so professional handed me the form and a pen with a poker face.

It was so awkward x 100!!! I avoided the branch near the coffee shop I frequently stay in just to avoid Cheng and now this branch has the guy I fondled with?!?

A few hours after opening my account I got a text from the banker/guy I met on the blue planet "Was it mere coincidence that you came to the branch I intern in or can you not get enough of me? ;P"

After a few minutes he texted "I go out at 4:30pm lets get it on again :)"

So I agreed and I think he is cute.. I like him but maybe we would just stay as fck buddies..

Grades were finally out a few days ago and I made it! :)
I finally will graduate next semester! (Yes octoberian ako..) In a few months I will be given a choice to either continue with my studies and take up Medicine to be a doctor or start working my butt off and make a living for myself.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Moving forward.

Earlier today (Oct 6, 2014) I was taking my old clothes out of my closet to donate and to make room for new clothes to come. All the shirts, shorts and pants that got tattered through the years have been cleared out of my closet.. Till I found I found his shirt...

It was the shirt that he took off just to wear the red Fred Perry polo-shirt I got him for our monthsary... Suddenly a sudden rush of feelings started to come back. I was tempted to put it with all the other donations but I just had to call him..

"Si.. Hello, you finally decided to call me.."

"Your old shirt is here. Do you want it back?"

"What shirt? You miss me noh? Kay you know na I miss you too bro"

"Basta Cheng. Your shirt is here. Do you want it back or shall I donate it nalang?"

"Donate nalang na. We should go out for some drinks when your not busy ah"

"Ok bye.."

I felt awkward. I thought I have fully moved on already but suddenly I just want him to feel miserable. I know its wrong for me to think that way since I was the one who ended things.. Maybe I will be forever the bitter ex. Its been 3 months and yet I never expected to feel this way. But I do not long for his arms to surround me, I guess I really just let go and that was just one of the obstacles of moving on. 

Monday, September 29, 2014

Its been awhile.

There is this someone I have been going out with for about a month now. I never told him about this blog yet but eventually he will find out or who knows maybe he reads this blog too!

How did I meet him? A bazillion nights ago  I was feeling horny and I needed to get someone to release all this sexual tension building up. I went on the blue planet searching for someone near me. Messages were exchanged but no one seemed to want to go spend the night with me. I was about to give up and just settle with the porn I already loaded on my laptop till my phone started to "beep". I checked expecting it to be just a text from a classmate or something but no. The Romeo I was stalking on the blue planet finally messaged me back :). We talked a bit more while I still wondering what he looks like, since the only pic he had was a blurred image of him  and we decided to meet at some cheap hotel.

"So you want to hook up?"
"Pwede pero wala ako place, mag book ako ng hotel then we meet sa room nalang"
I didn't even thought for a second that I could be risking my life. Meeting up with some complete stranger that could possibly strangle me, tie me up and feed my body to hungry cats.

So I went to the hotel and as the elevator was ascending I was starting to have second thoughts, I was getting scared on why I would meet someone who was faceless on the blue planet. There was no going back I was in front of the room and I knocked on it twice.

"So you must be the guy I was talking to on PR, I was expecting you to look really nerdy."

As I assessed him from head to toe. He turned out be a young babyfaced chinoy taking up BA at one of the schools in my area. "Same to you. You don't look 22"
"From a man who says he is 25, you look 18 to me. Now come in."

Inside the room.
It was awkward. "Were both in the room. What now?"
The lights were shut off.
He came close and started fondling my crotch.
I moved my hands all over his body and lead him to the bed where we started kissing all over.
I made a trail of kisses going all the way down to his crotch. I unbuttoned it to see that he was circumcised but with no excess skin left to play with.
As I sucked him, he suddenly scratched my back out of reflex. He started to run his hands around my head and played with my hair as I sucked him. He pulled my head out "Wait, I feel like im gonna cum already." He stood up plugged in his iPhone tot he dock and played some Lana Del Rey. He got down on me. "No ass today ok? I didnt bring rubber". I was relieved he did not want to do any ass fucking.

We were just fondling and sucking each other till we both came.

I woke up to the annoying sound of plastic being crinkled. "Good morning! I hope you like longanisa from McDonalds"
So thats the guy I fondled with last night. "Why did you decide to meet a complete stranger like me?"
"When I was exchanging messages with you on "the blue planet". I didn't feel threatened or did I sense anything suspicious. What about you?"

"Well I was horny. I was never really like this. I am usually the guy who avoided sex"
He then said "From the way you handled me last night seemed like you are experienced to all this..." I kept silent and said "I gotta leave for school soon. Late for my second class"


Hello again my blog and my fellow bloggers and readers :)

School has been making me such a busy bee lately. From the daily long exams to the bi-weekly papers to submit and all the crazy lab practicals to take. I really just hope my hard work pays off. I really want to finally become an intern after a year of adjusting to my new course and another year of being held back. Enough about school though and I really appreciated how some of you actually took time to email me just so that I can blog again. haha :) 

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Just friends.

Its been more than a month since everything started going downhill..
Me and Cheng started talking again like the old times but settled everything once and for all..

We decided to stick to just being "just friends"..

I know that I have stopped chasing and let go already but I just can't help but think back when, everything just felt so right. I miss the times when we were just so happy together its just too bad that we had to come to this but maybe for your happiness I just have to let you go...

I think I am not making sense right now... Anyways ill keep writing.. Maybe I will find someone else sooner or later. For now ill just be the bitter ex, who hates listening to your stories about your current soon-to-be-girlfriend.

Gwa ai di Cheng.. I still love you but in time ill fully get over you and just move on. Hopefully this someone wouldn't really remind me of you. I know you still love me but I cannot be with you and live a lie and fool some woman into making me the third party.. Hopefully I will get over you. For now let's just say I really let you go..

Monday, July 7, 2014

This is where it ends.

The feelings are now gone and lost. No matter how hard I try to find the feelings it just won't spark anymore..

Maybe things are just meant to be this way so we both can mature to live our separate lives..
Funny how I am so unaffected of letting him go.. Have I unconsciously prepared myself to let go or has the feelings just got lost through time?

This is where it ends.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Back to square one

After all that we have been through I just feel like we are back to square one. Those days when everything would feel all awkward. Every whisper and every kiss you gave me today did not feel the same.. Yet I still love you. Maybe time will fix all this again..

Thursday, June 12, 2014


School has been making me such a busy bee lately that I barely even have time blog. But at least now I have some time to spare since it is a holiday ;) Me and Cheng were suppose to spend last night at some hotel but since things got a bit awkward maybe its best if we just remain civil and not talk at all for now.

Maybe he was right.. Maybe eventually we would just break up, just so that we can end up marrying a woman. Would that really happen to me though? I know for myself that I really am gay and would rather be with a guy for the rest of my life than live a life of lies and marry a woman to have kids which I would probably love more than my wife.

My parents would also probably want me to marry a woman to not put shame on the family but what is there to shame about being gay? There is nothing wrong with being gay. Why can't society accept that gays are just like everyone else? It is so stupid. Maybe someday they would accept us but when would that someday be? When will that someday happen where we would live a life of being free to love whomever we want to love. Where there wouldn't be double standards of two people being cute together.

For now I still am really hurt and disappointed but I just cannot seem to let go of Cheng.. I still love him and probably will always love him. For now lets just celebrate Independence.. Happy Independence day everyone.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Where are we going?

Today... I left his condo.. Maybe we both just need time to think things through..
He opened up at a very sensitive topic that even I don't know the answer to..

So last night we were sampling the different dishes this new dimsum place had to offer and over dinner, we usually take a long time to finish our dinner since we usually just talk, talk and talk but tonight was different.. Cheng seemed awfully quiet that all he did was just eat and not bother to make much conversation.. So me thinking he was just hungry just let it go.. So we finally finished and paid the bill and all. He usually just hangs his arms around my shoulders but tonight was different..

While we were in his car, I wondered why he still did not move out of the parking area.

He suddenly held my hand and asked "Where are we going?"
Thinking he was referring to a place I said "Home, im tired lets go home"

"No Tiantian, where are we really going? Like us.."
"Ha what do you mean?" I was starting to feel uncomfortable.. I felt teary eyed
"Your graduating in a few months and probably moving in with me but what happens after we both come out?"
 I was left speechless. I just sat there not saying anything and shrugged his hand off mine..
 "Do we really have a future together as husband and husband? I want kids, a house and even grandchildren."

I did not know where this all was coming from.. "I dont know Cheng.. I dont know"
I started to cry..
"Tiantian, Im not breaking up with your or anything but I just dont know where we are going.."
"Tiantian, you know how much I love you and all but I just don't know if we have a future here.."

"I love you too Cheng but where is this all coming from?" I cried even more..
"Well my aunts and mother is pressuring me to date Christy.. You remember her my ex-fling..? The one whose family owns the storehouse a buildings next to yours?"
I was getting angry and at the same time really confused if he was breaking up with me I just didnt want to talk anymore..
"I already Christy has a thing for me ever since but what if I get into a relationship with her as a cover up and that maybe you can just be my secret lover? Just like that TV show?"

"Cheng, I want to go home.. Just drive us to your place now..."
We got to his condo and I started to pack up my things..

"Why are you leaving me?" He started sobbing as well..
"I was wondering if you were open to that idea.. We could both get a wife and keep this life a secret"

I left.. I did not want to hear anything more..
I did not know what to say.. Even till now..
Where are we going?
Maybe he was right all along..
I dont know..
I dont know..

Friday, June 6, 2014

Why do they even have to care?

So a few weeks back we had dinner at this restaurant known for having a nice view of the city, depending on which branch you go to either from the mountain, beach, or even in-between. So we obviously went to the mountain branch for our dinner date together but what shocked us the most was how some other tables kept minding us...

I felt sort of ashamed and insecure with all the tables around us looking at us. We even overheard a kid say "Mommy are you sure they are gay?" wow! Just wow! It confirmed that they were talking about us..  Does it even make a difference to the taste of their food? I hope that motherbitch who chose to wear her Armani glasses throughout the dinner trips or something or may her mind be blessed to be open nalang.

This has never happened before... Was it because Cheng had his arm hanging on my shoulder as we walked towards our table? Were we that obvious? Or did we have just have much of a good time that the other tables were jealous? Past is past anyways.. :) Lets just move on

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Pros & Cons of Living Together

Its been around 6 weeks since we started living together under one roof and right now I am still amazed at how we put up with each others irks and quirks. Its probably our love for each other that keep us together like peanut butter and jelly :) Or how I get late night shoulder massages while I take study breaks. But anyways we want to share our pros and cons of living together because who knows we might just look back and just laugh about this.

The Cons of Living Together..
1. Household Chores...
- Since we decided not to get a helper. We have to deal with doing the household chores ourselves to maintain order but the sad thing is that we both hate washing the dishes and taking out the trash. Most especially taking out the trash since we would have to send our segregated trash to utility services which is all the way in the belly of the 3rd floor and we are all the way on the 8th floor.

2. The Bathroom Rush.
- Since it only has one bathroom we sometimes have to rush each other to use the showers at 6-7am or be unable to poop in peace with Cheng or I rushing each other.

3. We get annoyed how we are so disorderly at times
- I get annoyed at how Cheng doesn't fix the bed in the morning since its a given that the last person staying in bed should be the one to make the bed but instead he just leaves the sheets everywhere and sometimes even the pillows on the floor or how he likes to eat in bed with all the crumbs and all its just so ick... On the other hand Cheng hates it when I don't clean my mess in the living room, when I leave my empty bottles or wrappers on the living room which I tend to forget about and not throw away at all..

4. Barely any alone time
-We both like to get alone time... Most especially me though. It gives me time to think and breath but sadly with us being together almost 24/7 of the time sadly we cant expect much alone time anymore or even privacy at times.


The Pros of living together :)
1. More sex :)
- Pretty self explanatory after a long day we just get in bed and everything just happens ;) Downside being how disorderly our bed gets in the morning

2. We get to know each other more
- We get to know more about each other and even understand each others quirks and irks.

3. More US time ;)
- We just have more time for each other to cuddle while watching TV, we get to cook for each other, and basically just enjoy each others company

4. The feeling of independence
- We both long the feeling of independence. Living on our own :) Paying our own bills (With me as an exception though since I dont work yet and live off my parents money) and all. It just feels good to be independent being free from the strings attached from staying at home with parents

5. We both save more money
- Since we split the expenses for the bills, groceries, and we tend to eat at home more :0

6. We feel more in love together :)
- Those random times he would hug me and give me a nice massage. The random times I just kiss him when he is around. I just felt like we brought our relationship to a whole new level :)

Sorry if we have not been posting much. We got pretty busy with school, work, etc and all I sure do hope that I can regularly start posting again now that I am done with a few projects I have been into.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

living together.

For the past two weeks, I have been living with Cheng in his newly bought “shoebox”(Condo) and it has been such a virginal experience for the both of us…  We had to make some agreements, adjustments, and allowances just to make life in the shoebox livable for the both of us. We were both excited to start living life on our own and move out of our parent’s home, just to live together and feel a bit independent. Normally our parents would not allow us to move out and live on our own but my excuse to move out was that it was closer to school and that I had to focus on my studies by going away from my comfort zone and his excuse to his parents was that he had to live in the condo because they have a non existent “company project” to do.

Both our parents bought our excuses J Hahaha.

Little did they know that Cheng actually bought the condo and had five years to pay for it. By then we would be ready to live our own lives the way we like it.

We had a hard time at first trying to adjust to each other’s needs. One major change that struck me the most is how Cheng wants to sleep completely naked in bed and he says that if I don’t do the same it makes him feel awkward.  Another would be how I hate it when Cheng brings his slippers anywhere outside the living room, so he compromised by not using slippers in our bedroom and toilet.  I really wish I could write up some more for this blog but its just that summer class has been too heavy for me and that I just cannot wait for summer class to be over so I could finally give myself a break.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Small update

So I have been pretty busy the past few days/weeks with school related matters and attending chains of reunion parties with my high school and old college buds(Since I shifted courses and failed a few subjects which got me held back by a year or two). Cheng on the other hand has been busy himself catching up with his old friends and work buddies since he got back from his training in SG.

Friday, April 4, 2014

TMI Questions answered part 2!

So here is part 2 of our TMI questions that we answered :) It felt a bit awkward answering these but it was worth the date night :) I miss going on skype with Cheng already.

51. Are you loud or quiet during sex
Simon: I like to breathe a lot during sex since it sort of still tickles everywhere.
Cheng: Well Simon likes to take deep breaths during sex I have no idea why and he randomly moans. When Simon does this thing it just makes me gush out air uncontrollably.

52. Have you ever been interrupted during sex or masturbation?
Cheng:  Hahaha. I caught Simon a few times trying to shoot a load when I give him surprise visits. I still won't knock Si :)

53. Most embarrassing sex/masturbation story?
Simon: Hmmm I guess when my friend told me I was doing it the wrong way back in high school. Since I didnt know that we were suppose to cum. I thought masturbation was just touching my part.
Cheng: My mom came in my room with a present and caught me jacking off with a banana. She learned to knock before coming in my room.

54. Do you masturbate everyday?
Cheng: Haha hmm what do you think?
Simon: Maybe :)

55. What kind of porn do you like to watch?
Cheng & Simon: Asian.

56. First type of porn you have ever watched? (ie. lesbian, hentai, threesome)
Simon: Watching a sex scandal back in high school. I was a late bloomer and real innocent back then
Cheng: 6th grade my friends got me to watch lesbian porn. back then anything sexy just got me on

57. What was the most recent type of porn you have ever watched? What category was it under?
Simon: hahaha hmm
Cheng: I like Simon porn :) <3

58. Most hilarious/stupidest porn you have ever watched?
Simon and Cheng: Ha?

59. Have you ever fantasized over someone older than you? How much older? Younger? How much younger?
Cheng: I like younger maybe 5-10years younger.
Simon: Older like my sexy teachers in school haha

60. Favorite sex toy (if any)?
Simon: I dont own one.
Cheng: Does a banana count?

61. Have you ever had to break up with/divorce someone because you weren't satisfied with their sex?
Cheng & Simon: Hm thats crazy. nope

62. Have you ever used anything/gotten any surgeries to improve sexual performance/feel?
Cheng: What? research ko yan someday
Simon: Hmm this probably made me feel more sensitive haha

63. If someone you knew asked for a nude image, would you do it?
Cheng: Depends who asked :)
Simon: hahaha for Cheng only :)

64. Have you ever told someone any wet dreams/fantasies you've had about them?
Simon & Cheng: what?!?

65. Do you like to have sex like they do in pornos?
Cheng: I like the sex we have now

66. Have you ever confessed to someone that you got an erection over them? What about masturbated to them?
Cheng: hahahaha :) Simon makes me horny all the time. Especially when we used to plan our love making sessions. I get all excited
Simon: thats so not me.

67. Are you able to be secretive when you masturbate? (like able to be quiet so no one can hear?)
Cheng: I get caught a lot so I dont think its possible.
Simon: Well I want to do it in peace

68. When was the first time you achieved orgasm?
Cheng: 5th grade or was it 6th grade haha
Simon: Somewhere between 2nd year to 3rd year High school.

69. Is there only one way so far that you have been able to achieve orgasm? (ie. only by using toys, only from 1 positon,only from masturbating a certain way)
Cheng: Nopes :) Simon knows what gets me off
Simon: Haha :)

70. Favorite type of oral?
Simon: I used to not like giving oral. But maybe I like giving after a nice shower
Cheng: There are types of oral? Hmm what about giving Si a surprise oral

71. Strangest sexual positon you've tried?
Cheng: the first time we tried 69 haha
Simon: awkward doggy style

72. Have you ever made up a sexual postion?
Cheng: The S.S Tiantian haha :) Simon loves that position right? haha

73. During sex which would take up most of the time hands, oral, or ass?
Simon: Oral + hands :)

74. Do you ever get bruises or scratches from sex?
Cheng: Sometimes :) Usually in the places where the sun don't shine. P.S I hate teeth

75. Do you like to be dominant or submissive?
Cheng: Dominant
Simon: Submissive

76. Have you ever masturbated to someone?
Cheng & Simon: haha :) maybe

77. Have you ever masturbated because your sexual partner wasn't there when you needed them?
Cheng & Simon: hmm what do you think?

78. Have you ever had a one night stand? Do you still keep in contact with them?
Cheng: Back then :) They are my friends
Simon: A few straight and maybe just two bended sexcounters

79. Have you ever had a friends with benefits? Are they still beneficial?
Cheng: Hmm what kind of benefits are we talking about here?
Simon: Does Cheng count?

80. Have you ever had sex with someone who wasnt your partner?
Cheng & Simon: pass. we both are guilty

81. Has any of your partners had sex with someone else?
Cheng & Simon: yes. it has been talked about and dealt with

82. Have you ever gotten pregnant? Were they your lover's or someone else's?
Cheng: My daddy want's a boy but Simon cant seem to get pregnant..

83. Birth control or condoms?
Simon and Cheng: Duh!..

84. Do you ever masturbate to porn?
Simon and Cheng: Who doesnt?

85. Does anyone know you masturbate? Did you have to tell them?
Cheng: What kind of question is this? haha pang high school lang hahahah
Simon: hmmm

86. Did your parents ever find out you were sexually active?
Simon: When my mom found a condom in my car. She gave me the talk about not getting anyone pregnant or I get disowned.. Little does she know that I am not getting anyone preggers.

87. Do you have any STDs?
Simon and Cheng: What? Us? No!

88. Have you ever masturbated to a fictonal character or celebrity?
Cheng and Simon: Hmm Who has not tried this?!

89. Have you ever had sex during "7 minutes in heaven"?
Cheng: A handjob.
Simon: Never tried playing that game.

90. Spit or swallow? Or do you not like oral?
Cheng: I swallow :)
Simon: I learned to swallow :)

91. Have you ever been rejected for sex? Have you ever rejected someone else?
Cheng: Nopes :)
Simon: There are times when I dont wanna have sex

92. Do you have someone who said they are willing to take away your virginity if you havent lost it by a set age or if you just want to have a good time?
Cheng & Simon: Virgins are hard to find these days :)

93. Have you ever experiented with the opposite sex?
Cheng: Haha
Simon: hmm :)

94. When you first lost your virginity, was it intended or spontanious?
Cheng: I loved it :) It was full of adventure
Simon: It was a painful experience :)

95. Has anyone ever walked in when you were taking a shower with someone?
Cheng: God sakes no!
Simon: Haha nopes.

96. Did you ever tell someone once you lost your virginity?
Cheng & Simon: What? Kailangan ba e report?

97. Does your lover know if you have masturbated?
Cheng: I can tell by the amount Simon can produce :)

98. Does your lover know that you want to have sex with them but cant?
Cheng: Who cannot have sex?
Simon: Sometimes..

99. Do you like masturbation?
Cheng: If someone does it for me then I like :)
Simon: Hmmm

100. If a friend would ask you to show your dick would you do it?
Cheng: Why not? haha
Simon: Hmm depends who. But who would ask that? haha crazy much

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

We are back :) TMI Q's Part 1

I finally get to write on this blog again after weeks of trying to pull my grades back up (hope it was worth it.).. In two weeks or less I will find out if I passed all of my subjects or not.

To bring back life to this blog I would like to share this TMI questionnaire I answered a few months back on my facebook page to here on this blog ;)

This will be split into two parts since its too long to read :)
So we answered this survey again but this time, together over skype on our date night a few nights ago.

1. Are you a virgin?  Simon: I tried both so...  NO :)
Cheng: Who isn't these days?

2. Does anyone besides you know your penis size?
Simon: Hmm my doctor and Cheng?
Cheng: I like waving it around when Im feeling hot. Most of my friends have probably seen it.

3. Do you know anyone who has any STDs?
Simon & Cheng: Yes and he is doing fine with his boyfriend

4. Were you married when you first lost your virginity?
Cheng: We are naughty mad rabbits so we plan to fuck our way till marriage.

5. Do you swear under celibacy?
Cheng: What is Celibacy?! haha

6. When did you first lose your virginity? If you haven't, when would you like to?
Simon: Consciously awkward drunk sex back in my first year of college 
Cheng: Back when I was still sexually exploring the female & male anatomy in third year high school.

7. Have you ever gotten tricked into aphrodisiacs or alcohol for sex?
Simon: If drinking sessions turned "late night sex" with Cheng counts then yes
Cheng: I usually find my victims and do the crime. I dont remember getting tricked

8. Have you walked in on someone masturbating/having sex?
Simon & Cheng: Yes! haha To our cousins, siblings, friends, & each other

9. Have you ever seen someone masturbate or have sex with their permission?
Simon: I have seen my horny friends jacking but sex with permission? Doubt so
Cheng: Yes and Yes :)

10. Where is the weirdest place you have had sex?
Simon: Hmmm for me the weirdest place would be Cheng's parents room
Cheng: My parent's room. The thrill of getting caught & the hassle of hiding evidence.

11. If you had to chose one, would you have outdoor sex or car sex?
Simon: Car Sex would be better even if it would be quite tight to move in.
Cheng: I want some thrill. Maybe an outdoor park would be great to try someday

12. When was the age you first masturbated? Whether you knew it or not?
Simon: I learned late from my friends back in 2nd year or was it 3rd year high school.
Cheng: My cousins taught me somewhere around the 6th grade and I got hooked since then

13. Have you ever helped someone "finish"?
Simon & Cheng: Duh..

14. Have you ever had an erection in the past month
Simon & Cheng: Obviously yea!

15. When was the last time you have had an erection?
Cheng: Am I that old to not get hard anymore?

16. Have you ever had an erection and someone noticed?
Simon: Lots of times
Cheng: I dont hide my feelings :)

17. What is your method of masturbation?
Simon: Just the regular way like how everyone does it.
Cheng: hmm?

18. What is your penis size?
Simon: pass haha
Cheng: Enough to satisfy your needs :)

19. Has anyone seen your private parts other than yourself or a family member?
Cheng: Again I like waving it around when im feeling hot.
Simon: modest here so maybe a few that I am not aware of has seen it.

20. What is the strangest thing you have ever put up your anus?
Cheng: A condom wrapped penis. (I like it bare)
Simon: A penis.

21. Do you like rough sex or intimate sex better?
Cheng: I like pushing him around and making stroking him real fast
Simon: Slow intimate sex.

22. When was the last time you masturbated?
Cheng & Simon : haha. You be the judge :)

23. When was the last time you had sex?
Cheng and Simon: Somewhere in Feb ;)

24. When was the last time you watched porn?
Cheng & Simon: not a big fan of porno.

25. Have you ever bought a sex toy? If so, which one did you buy last? First sex toy? If not, which one do you plan on buying when you do?
Simon: Does a willy band count?
Cheng: Got myself a fleshjack :) My my my I love shopping in SG

26. Circumcised?
Simon: Hmmm am I?
Cheng: Im not.

27. Which not-genital part of your body do you like being touched?
Simon: I love it when Cheng plays with my hair.
Cheng: I love nice thigh massages.

28. Which genital part of your body do you like being touched?
Simon: The head
Cheng: The tip

29. Are you able to achieve orgasm just through breast stimulation?
Simon and Cheng: Is that even possible? hahaha

30. What color/type of underwear are you wearing?
Simon: Boxers
Cheng: Briefs

31. Have you ever sent someone a picture or video of you in the nude? Did it include sexual actions?
Simon: Haha ;)
Cheng: Maybe ;)

32. Have you ever posted a picture of image of you in the nude on a website? Did it include sexual actions?
Simon & Cheng: NO!

33. Have you ever anonymously sent/posted a picture or video of yourself in the nude? Did it include sexual actions?
Simon and Cheng: nope.

34. Have you anonymously sent a sexual ask to someone on tumblr?
Simon and Cheng: What the fck is a tumblr? Nope.

35. When was the last time you have had a wet dream?
Simon: Long time ago.
Cheng: somewhere in college.

36. Which wet dream was your favorite?
Simon and Cheng: ha?

37. Is there a friend you would willingly have sex with?
Simon: Well If I could go back in time probably any of my buddies in high school haha.
Cheng: My gym buddies haha. Simon knows I go gaga for them at times. He does too!

38. Is there a celebrity/character you would willingly have sex with?
Simon: Id fuck Captain America & Four from Divergent
Cheng: I already fucked a couple of local celebrities. Jessica Alba won't be bad too :)

39. Have you ever masturbated with someone?
Simon & Cheng: Who has not tried this?

40. Have you ever took a shower with someone that is not a family member?
Simon and Cheng: .... haha

41. Favorite sexual position? If you are a virgin, which position interests you?
Simon and Cheng: Well all we really have is the 69

42. Do you like being called a slut or whore in bed?
Simon and Cheng: what? haha no

43. Are you into any BDSM?
Simon: No..
Cheng: I like it rough haha

44. Have you ever wanted to have sex with someone but knew you couldnt for any reason? Why?
Simon and Cheng: Lots of times.

45. Turn on's?
Simon: Nice smell, soft skin, lean body, less body hair, nice voice and someone who can give a nice massage.
Cheng: Soft skin, some body hair here and there, smart, soft spoken, and someone always happy

46. Turn off's?
Simon: Guys who like screaming, dirty underwear, bad breath, dirty nails and anything with scabs or blood.
Cheng: I am not picky but I don't like it when people have sex on an empty stomache

47. Have you ever had a sexual fantasy about someone? Was it about anyone other than your lover?
Simon and Cheng: Don't we all have these?

48. Have you ever had phone sex? Video sex? Chat box sex?
S & C: Yes yes yes yes yes ;) haha

49. What was the weirdest thing that has ever turned you on?
Simon: The morning stench of Cheng
Cheng: Simon's drool on my shoulder when he sleeps next to me

50. Do you like dirty talk?
Simon: Used to get freaked out by it but now when Cheng does it to me it sort of gets me on.
Cheng: I like i like haha :)

Part Two coming in two days haha

Sunday, March 9, 2014

be back.

Classes are almost over and that I want to maximize my efforts in passing all my subjects this semester so I will be back by March 27 or 28 :) see you soon my blog. I just hope Cheng has time to take care of this blog while I am away :)

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Asking the gods.

So far 2014 has been so good to me and I hope it stays that way for the rest of the year. A few days ago however I needed some divine guidance so I took "Simon" with me to the temple. I had 3 questions to ask the gods.. I just needed answers because something has been bothering me a bit lately.

So I told the gods who I was and that right after I asked the gods my queries and dropped the Jiaobei (wooden blocks).. Out of the 3 questions asked only one of them had a definite answer of "NO" from the gods. I felt very enlightened and happy knowing that the gods approve of the direction of my life but yet at the same time a bit disappointed that the gods have disapproved when I asked if I could raise a child with "Simon".. Oh well then better ask again when I get back to the temple maybe the gods would have already changed their minds by then. Since our future is never definite and that we are the pilots of our own tomorrow. So I am positive that in the end I could get the more favorable decision.

So we finally left the temple and took time to just relax in my room. I needed to release the tension I have been keeping in me. I had to let out what needs to be release daily... I locked doors and pulled down the curtains to dim my room a little.

"Si, The gods don't want us to raise a child together..."
"Maybe the gods just think we are not ready for one now.."
While unbuttoning my shirt and facing him with my semi-hard cock I said "Kneel down and pray"..

"Don't you miss sucking out the answer?"
"Let us see if we can turn your father into a grandpa by giving him a grandson.."
"Si, don't stop the answer is coming.."

Its been awhile since we made love in my room.. Exploring every inch of our bodies till we visit every unique landmark our body has to offer.  I just love the faces Simon makes in bed. Its cute... I just love how red we get right after and how we can get so sweaty we can get right after. I am gonna miss this for the next 3 weeks.. I guess my hands will do for now while I am here in SG..

Do you guys think Simon should give me a "free pass" to ALLOW me to try a bathhouse in SG? I really would want to try but Simon is being a grumpy butt and says I might find someone else there..
I shall write to you guys again tomorrow ;)

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Here all along.

He tricked me. He told me he wouldn't be able to come back to the Philippines in time for Valentines...

I knew something fishy was going on when my friends told me to go ahead and reserve a table for 8 at the mountain resort we frequent a lot. It was all part of the plan! I came rushing to the venue at 7:30pm thinking I was late because of the waves of texts coming in from my friends asking where I was.. I rushed to the corner table right across the bar and I saw him again... He had a 9 o'clock shadow on.. It was Cheng!!

"Hoy shoti you miss me?" he said
"I thought you wouldn't be back till the 17th"
"I wanted to make this Valentines day special by surprising you"

 I couldn't help but feel teary eyed seeing him again after weeks of not seeing him. Finally being able to feel his warm embrace again. I could tell that he had Clinique Happy on him. It was that sweet scent I smelled on him when I gave him back his phone at Mcdo years ago. 

It felt like the perfect date. Everything was going so well! Eating good food while overlooking view of the "Queen City of the South" from the mountains. He held my hand on the table and took out a blue box. I opened it and it housed a charming silver link bracelet by Tiffany & Co.

"Do you like it?" pushing the box towards me in the table
Still awed by the beauty of the bracelet I said "Wow..  Its beautiful.."
"You study hard and make sure you finally get that diploma so we can finally make things official"
"Hopefully they would accept us with open arms when we do tell them.."

School has been such a bitch to me lately.. It has been barely giving me any time to blog but hopefully this would all pay off by the end of the semester :) Cheng is leaving again for Singapore in a few days and I keep pushing him to make post to keep this blog up and alive. Hopefully tomorrow he would post something and again thanks to all of you for the random convos we do over email :) I really appreciate it when you guys email me :) Feel free me to email me if you guys are bored or something its

Monday, February 10, 2014

Friends of the past

So just recently a friend of mine who happened to be my best friend from grade school till high school came out to everyone on Facebook. Who could have known that Den whom I played Beyblades with turned out to be gay. Out of all the people I never expected Den to be like me. But guess what Den the fellow 50% Pinoy, 5'8'' tall, alabaster skinned, lean nerd is gay..

Back then Den would be the guy who got me into all sorts of trouble. I remember one time during my 2nd year of high school he talked me into sneaking in the girls bathroom and hiding in one of the lockers just to take a peek at the girls changing. Who could have knew that that guy would turn out to be gay. Who could have known that Den the guy who steals the panties of our female classmates would turn out to be gay.. Who could have known that the guy who supplies me with porn would end up to be gay.. Who would could have known..
Why couldn't I have known?

Our little Q and A session last night over a few drinks
“How did you find out you liked guys” I asked..
He laughed and said “It was love at first blow”

"So back in high school, did you have feelings for me?"

"You were more like a brother to me even if I always picked on you"

"So uhm do you think I am gay?" I asked to see if the gaydar theory is real..
"You gay? Your just a sissy like all the other nerds" (So his gaydar isn't working or maybe I am just not that obvious)

"What if I told you my friend Cheng is actually my boyfriend"
I show him a picture of me and Cheng kissing
"Wow I guess we really are meant to be best friends because we are the same haha. You are gay like me but you have a boyfriend and I don't."

"So I guess Den-Den needs to stop bullying me from now on because my boyfriend will beat you up if you pick on me like the old days"
"Maybe Cheng should punish me for being such a little boy picking on his little boyfriend over here.."
"You still have not changed.. Den-den my horniest friend"

I just hope Den-den doesn't tell anyone just yet about my little secret just yet... Seeing him again makes me feel a bit bitter knowing that my high school batchmates are already working and some even already starting a family.. I really need to pull my shit together and get that diploma soon.. I bet my high school batchmates never expected me an honor roll student becoming such a lazy bitch in College..


Sorry for not updating you much my bloggy! I have been pretty busy with school lately and that hopefully this semester I would pass all my subjects and be closer to internship :)

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Things have been different.

 Taken during one of our road trips to the south of our province.

Its been more than a week without Cheng and I already miss him so bad! I miss his touch, his smell, and his horniness. Sadly just last night he told me that he won't be able to come back home next week for Valentines day :(... I was already excited to finally be in his arms again.. I just miss getting irked out by him.. I miss the stench that he leaves in my room whenever he sleeps over.. I miss how we always argue over him not using soap.. I miss how we randomly crave for some dimsum. Technically I miss everything about him.

"Simon.. I really miss home already.. I feel so alone here" he said
"Just a few more days and we would get to see each other again!"
"The people at my work place treat me like shit. I don't know if they are making me feel inferior ba or maybe I am just becoming a bit too sensitive."
"Your mom sent me some fruits a few days ago, she says she misses you"
"By the way I am not coming back home for valentines..."

So I guess it is gonna be a lonely Valentines for me then :(

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Gong Xi Fa Kai

I feel so lonely for spending the holidays alone for the first time. Well what can I do? I have only been in SG for a few days. I have not made any good friends, I did not adapt to my new environment, and I feel so homesick. I miss everything about the place I call home.. I miss simon.. His awkwardness, his angelic smile, his touch and his warmth. I miss driving to his home late at night, just to watch movies or talk with him. I miss scaring him every time I randomly just barge in his room. I miss how he always gives in to sex even when he is not in the mood. I know right now he is super busy with his wave of midterm exams and how he hates seeing me frown every time we talk on Skype.  I just cannot wait for my week long vacation next week. I wanted to advance my career but I did not know by grabbing this opportunity I had to be away from the many things I love. 

It’s Lunar New Year and it comes with the greeting “Gong Xi Fa Cai”. So its a start of a new chapter of our life and that may we prosper in whatever endeavours we wish to pursue. I wish all of you well and I wish Tian-tian finally gets his diploma soon. 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Stereotypes about being a chink

People always have false assumptions about me based on my name or how I look like.. But heck im still Filipino and that people should someday learn not to assume or make "labels" based on how people look like or how their name sounds like.. I have to be honest though there are times where I judge people with how they dress but most of the time my assumptions of people based on how they dress are 80% true.. So I guess I have the street smarts or I am just good at guessing or maybe life is just unfair haha...

Anyways let me share to you the top 10 sometimes bad/good stereotypes I live with because I am a chink..

10. We only use chopsticks at home... - This is so not true! Just because I am a chink doesn't mean that we only use chopsticks at home, I wonder what gave them that idea!?! Its crazy we use the spoon and fork just like everyone else..

9. We are really stingy with money.. (Kuripot Alert!)
- Anyone can be stingy! This is one of the most common stereotype I heard from everyone which they say applies to all "east asians"... One time my friends were shocked when I treated them for lunch and said that they never expected me to be the type to treat people because I am a chink and they say all chinks are "stingy, money hungry individuals"...

8. We like to eat babies! - Where the eff did they get that information that chinks eat fetuses?!? Its crazy every single year or every new person I meet always ask me if I have tried eating a baby.. Its crazy! Why the eff would I want to eat a baby?!? Every friggin year or every new person I meet always ends up asking me this question.. My gahd! What has the internet taught you guys!

7. We are expected to know how to speak our mother tongue perfectly - I belong to a new generation of chinks who could barely speak or let alone even read perfectly the language used by our forefathers so please don't ask me how to speak a line of Chinese, Japanese, Korean or even Mongolian! I grew up in the Philippines like most of my friends and so it's probably expected that I wouldn't know how to perfectly speak my original mother tongue.

6. We are not circumcised -  I do not know if this is a good thing or bad thing but I doubt this applies to all chinks. I know of many chinks who are or are not cut.  Does it even matter? Well another fun fact for you guys one of us (either Me or Cheng) isn't cut. I mean what is it about getting cut? Well one of us got cut due to constant peer pressure but still this doesn't make sense just because we are chinky doesn't mean we are uncut. Though there really is nothing wrong with being cut/uncut.

5. We are not very blessed in the "bird" department -  What is their basis on this? In comparison to my friends at the gym and my other chink friends. I don't think we are not well endowed in the bird department. I mean Ive seen a lot of birds at the gym and they come in all shapes, sizes and cuts. I hate getting teased about this though it doesn't feel very comfortable.

4. We have too close family ties and they always provide for their children - again this doesn't apply to all chinks.. Most chinks I know have dysfunctional families and even my family has their fair share of family related issues... This maybe true to some but not all... Some of my chink friends are forced to work their way to get what they want and need. Which is probably why some of them end up resorting to getting things done under the table and this probably a good thing so that we will all have a lesson to learn that getting money is never easy and that we would have to work hard for what we want and need. I am pretty sure there are some people that need to know this instead of resorting to stealing and killing.

3. Most of us are hopeless romantics -  because all we think about is how to make money they say we are so desperate to get lovers and most of us only get our partners through arranged marriages.. So not true! What century do we live in? Oh my oh my! They say that we usually love through money.. Whoever said true love can be bought and not found?

2. We like to fck our helpers and workers - so now they say that we are horny maniacs.. Well again this doesn't apply to all.. But if they think we are horny individuals that can last long in bed then thats a good thing but if they think we are nymphomaniacs then nevermind.. haha

1. Most of us can't speak english - wow.. even in the Philippines they think we can't speak english.. seriously.. like really! again this doesn't apply to all :)


I hope you have enjoyed this short post haha :) Again I really like getting mail from you guys and reading them! So what are you guys waiting for? Send them my way at :) :)

Sunday, January 19, 2014

start of a long distance.

Right now I am laying next to Cheng in our hotel room, writing this post. Still feeling a bit buzzed from all that liquor digested in my system in celebration of our 3 Night Sinulog Party. I suddenly feel so old after hearing the screams of joy at all the other younger people occupying the rooms next to ours and seeing underage teenagers drinking their lives away down below from the view of our balcony. Maybe being 20-something is already a sign to put myself back together and live like an adult and give up the life of being a weekend warrior. Or maybe times have changed and that the younger generations seek to live the life of a weekend warrior. Probably its time to leave the life of a weekend warrior....

"What if I get assigned to work outside the country for a few months, would you want me to quit my job or should I go?" he asked me last Friday night while drinking with a few of our friends

"What do you mean?" I said, hoping that this was all just a joke, giving me time to think of an answer..

"I am getting promoted and that I would have to get my training in Singapore for 3-4months.. I want to take this opportunity but would you let me?"

Feeling a bit uneasy I just said "Its your life go for it!"

So a week from now Cheng would be leaving home for Singapore for the next 4 months and would be coming back here in the Philippines for 5 days every month. I still do not know what to expect from all this.. Would things be different? Has god done this for a purpose? Can we handle the long distance? I am scared. What we can do right now is enjoy the good vibes and drink away our worries and troubles since its Sinulog! The biggest party of the year here in this province that I stay in...

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Coffee and Sex

The coffee shop full of wonder..

While studying inside this barely patronized coffee shop a few days ago. I overheard the phrase "How you like your coffee is how you feel about sex." which got me thinking... The only drink I get in coffee shops the past few months since I entered the challenging level of college is an "Iced Americano" which is bitter and strong tasting and since its iced its cold... So with that phrase being said does this mean that I feel that sex is bitter, cold and strong? This is probably half true..

Its probably either because its too much or that everything has already become routine. Sex lately has been a bit more like a chore and that it is also quite detrimental at times when I need to have those sleepless nights of studying...

"sex is not as exciting as it was before noh? Maybe your slowly turning vegetarian.. You dont seem to be enjoying it much" Cheng said to me in bed a few nights ago..

"Im sorry, Im just so tired and that my head hurts.." while rubbing his thigh

He then rolled closer to me and said "Or is it because of me? Ill take two showers if you want before we get down and dirty"

"Its not that.. Im really just tired ok.. "

He started to unzip my pants and held my cock with his hands "This will probably help you then.."

he started stroking me to sleep..

I woke up the next day unprepared for the wave of exams that I had to take for that day.. Love is crazy at times..

Friday, January 10, 2014

When is your turn?

Last night's family dinner was awkward... I mean really awkward because my cousin brought his girlfriend of 2 years to dinner last night and proposed in front our whole family(Cousins side and my side).

My aunt sitting across me in the round table then asked "Cheng, when is your turn?" 
I simply just smiled and said "Soon.. Ayi, soon.."
My aunt then said "You know shobe(little sister) and your friend Simon would make a good match!"
"Yeah Dage! Simon is a cute guy and I think you should set us up on a date!" my little cousin replied.
I was on the verge of blurting out the truth but instead I said "Oh he is already seeing "someone".."
Little do they know that "someone" is me. That someone who gives him all the love in the world.. They will eventually find out the truth someday.. ;)

BTW I am the reason why Simon has been failing the past few exams because of making him release what needs to be released causing him to sleep early at night and not study at all. I am also the reason why Simon has not been posting for the past few days in this blog. Right now he is working double time to make up for his grades and hopefully gets them back up to a safer level :). 

Sunday, January 5, 2014

10 Facts (Us, Him & Him)

Enough with all the lovey mushy wushy posts.. Save that for February!! What would make this post unique though is that this would be the first collab post with Cheng :) I finally got him to blog with me and maybe(and I hope!) he joins me in the never ending journey of this blog :)

A few days ago this blog has finally reached its 2nd Month of existence and boy did we get to meet a lot of people :) So I think now would be the best time to share some facts about us(Not too much to reveal our identities ofcourse!) that way we can look back at this post and see how much we changed over the years.

                                            The backview of where we like to just sit and talk :)

10 Facts about us!
  1. 20's-Twenties (We have the same age and in our 20's. Cheng's younger by a month though)
  2. We really love Dim Sum! (We crave for some steamy goodness almost every month!)
  3. We are in the closet (As if you guys didn't already know that :) )
  4. We are chinky men (Cheng being 75% and Simon 50% :) Though our roots are different!)
  5. We both play badminton (Only recently did we realize that we used to see each other in tournaments) 
  6. Water > Soda (We would rather drink water over any other carbonated drink)
  7. Non-Professional  Drivers! (We have been driving since our 1st year of College)
  8. Intoxicated-superstars (When intoxicated we gain the confidence of an artista and go crazy!)
  9. Hmmm (In person we aren't the noisy types and tend to only become noisy when intoxicated)
  10. Body of Tin (We both are really bad dancers! Funny to look at really!)
10 Facts About Cheng by Simon :)
  1. He is real good with numbers! Because he wants to work in a bank?... 
  2. He wants his coffee creamy - You know what they say about men who like it creamy ;)
  3. Fruits & Vegetables over Meat - He prefers to eat food with more vegetables & fruit over meat.
  4. He isn't a lazy butt! - He works hard and even too hard at times! ;) which is a good thing!
  5. He likes watching TV Series - All night he just watches this.. He could finish a whole season in just a few days!
  6. Distant pet lover - He just has no affection for dogs or even fishes!
  7. Likes to steal lighters from friends - I found a box full of lighters which apparently are the lighters that go missing whenever we have a night out.. 
  8. Is very bad with directions! - He tends to get lost a lot in the small city we live in and tends to have a hard time understanding directions given on an instant noodle pack
  9. Doesn't use soap - I get kinda irked by this but he likes to go all natural and not use soap.. 
  10. Is a horny bunny! - Pretty self-explanatory :)

10 Facts About Simon by Cheng 
  1. My personal Einstein - As much as he keeps denying but he actually is super smart! He only reads the material once and for some reason can retain every bit of information he reads.
  2. Certified Meat Lover :) -  He likes to eat all kinds of meat ;) wink wink esp juicy hard ones!
  3. Hates it when I smoke - I promise I will try not to smoke as much na :)
  4. Scaredy Cat! - I remember when I made you cry because I forced you to watch The Ring.
  5. Orders only Iced Americano in coffee shops - Plus never puts sugar or cream, he likes it strong and dark!
  6. Drunk as fck - One fact I sort of wish changes is how he likes drinking even on a school day..
  7. Mama's boy! - He probably is the only guy I know who is super close to his mom and always makes it a point to have a breakfast out with her once a week. He even hugs his mom infront of me which is kind of cute and yet at the same time awkward. (Probably where he gets his soft side)
  8. He doesn't eat fish unless they are boneless - Thats because he always gets boned by the fish (Am I too naughty sounding?) 
  9. He prefers potatoes or bread over rice - He likes most of his food to go with bread or fries rather than rice...
  10. Loves spicy food! - He could eat a whole bowl of fried chilli or it takes a lot of chilli to make him feel the spice.  Im sure he likes my special spicy chilli I give him :) :) :) hahah

 So I hope you guys learn a little more something about us and probably get to love/hate us more :) haha

Friday, January 3, 2014


So a few days ago our relationship/partnership/close-friendship has reached its 18th month :) Though compared to other couples, I must admit that we are kind of slow paced since we both are "relationship-virgins". Even if we never really courted each other; what marked the start of counting the days of our relationship was the day we had our first real leg popping kiss at the baywalk.

The baywalk where we cultivated what we have.

Its amazing how we quickly became so close. Could it be by faith that we met that night? What if you never helped me that night? What if your phone never found its way in my bag? Until now I still cannot believe how we came to know each other. I mean it's so cliche! How many other people have met their future partner at the bar or because their phone magically got in someones bag? It was probably by faith that made our paths cross.

Who could have known that we were meant to be for each other? Funny how time flies so fast when we were just sitting at the baywalk talking about how our lives would go, only to realize that we have been sitting on that bench for 5 hours when the sun bids us farewell. Was it love at first sight? Probably only god knows why we met that night and why we both ended up being closeted chinky lovers who grew up in this tropical country.

A few days ago on our 18th month celebration when you suddenly just held my hand inside the ferris wheel and said "Even if they try to break us apart, promise me you will never give up on us..". If that means to give up everything for the sake of keeping our love alive then I promise to not give up on us.. There is just something special when your hands touch mines. It makes me feel loved and secure.

Just remember our plan! A year from now after I graduate we would reveal to everyone our relationship and finally come out of the closet. We will accept whatever challenges our family throws at us.. Even at the expense of getting disowned as long as we have each other and that we are both ready to face real life. I really just hope that both our families would accept this forbidden love we have. We would probably set a good/bad example of what true love is to our younger generation families. Again all I really hope for is acceptance.. 

The last quarter of 2015 would be the year where we would gamble our faith all for the sake of love. Hopefully none of us would give up on each other and that by then we will be ready to face what we have to face. Remember the day I admitted to you I liked you when we played 21 questions on our first ever movie together? "Being this way is not bad" you said as you hugged me that night. Cheng.. I love you.. I think my life would suck without you.. You are the one that make my darkest days bright. You always know how to cheer me up when im sad. Cheng, I love you so much and I know I have been such a bad boy at times when I go drinking with my friends and give you the burden of picking me up at the bar even if you told me not to go drinking. This 2014 I will try to be a better boyfriend and try to always listen to you.. Even when I think you are wrong, you always end being right. Its funny noh? But please stop smoking najud this year! I hate it when you smoke.. I love you so much that I dont want those cigarettes to hurt your body and your smoke will also hurt me na.. So lets be good this 2014 ok Cheng? I love you!!

 Sorry for this mushy wushy entry guys. My mind was all just love love love at the moment. BTW The Lost Boy, thanks for that really thoughtful email you sent me a few days ago :) Because of your letter I sort of came up with this letter to devote my love for my love Cheng ;)

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Milestones of 2013

January 2013
- 1st Sinulog together :). (I took care of him this time, when usually I am the one who always gets wasted on liquor.)
- Swallowed for the first time for our 7th month together.. (Not the bestest experience but it was out of love)
- Sold my old car.
- Failed most of my midterm exams because I didn't study for any of them.

February 2013
- Cheng got us matching watches for our 8th month together. (I cried for the first time over a gift.. Who knew a watch could make me cry?)
- Bought a new car (Which until now I dearly love)
- Stopped going home late at night and lost my social life to get my grades back up.
- Celebrated Chinese New Year with his family. (I had a great time in bed with him ;) He gave me a sexy dance and that I saw him dance for the first time. It was funny because he was trying so hard and that he didnt know how to dance. It was sweet though :) I was touched)

March 2013
- This is one of the most stressful months of the year.. So many sleepless nights and that I spent my weekends sleeping to make up for them. (We had our first fight because of this.. He didn't like the idea of me not having much time for him.  :( huhuhu )
- Super desperate to pass one of my subjects in college that I cheated in the final exams.. (I copied answers off my classmates.. It was teamwork really because almost the whole class was part of this cheating event we all had one source)
- Got into a car accident.. (After our final exams, even if I did not have sleep for 2 days, I still attended the class party.. I was drunk + really sleepy so I fell asleep while driving on the way back home and hit two guys on a motorcycle.. I was scared shitless.. Its a good thing they were both still alive and that one person just broke his leg. I was glad that nobody was seriously hurt.. My car was so strong that it left me unscratched. Since that incident Cheng would never let me drive again when I go drinking and that I cannot drink without him..)

April 2013
- Releasing of grades :) (I was one of the lucky few to survive the course and passed all my subjects ;) But I was not proud to pass a certain subject because I cheated and that now it haunts me because I am having a hard time in class)
- Forced Cheng to quit smoking.. (He wasn't very happy about it but I wanted him to quit smoking with me for our health and that I realized that smoking doesn't benefit us at all and that it was a waste of money and detrimental to our life.)
- Fought with Cheng again :( (We fought because he really didn't like the idea of me getting mad when he smokes and that how I waste his money by throwing away the packs of cigarettes I see in his room or car. Im glad though that in the end he made me win and that he decided to quit smoking. Im fine with him smoking socially like maybe just a stick but only on special occasions but never chain smoke)
- Start of summer classes (Took up the subjects that I lacked because I shifted courses the year before)

May 2013
- Gave up one subject to pass the other :( (Summer class was just too fast paced and that I just couldn't handle it :( I was taking up two of the hardest subjects at the same time.. I was rushing to catch up with my batchmates.. So I realized that I just couldnt handle it so I gave up that one subject and decided to retake it the following semester.)
- Got my grades the week after the finals for the summer term. (Got the top 1 grade for that subject but failed the other..)

June 2013
- Start of regular classes.. (Took up just 3 subjects for this semester because it was the only ones I could take up at  that time :( )
- Our Anniversary ! I took Cheng out for dinner and finally gave in to his request for sticking his up my bum bum.. I was a pure top by nature and he was versatile but I just had to give in.. Again it wasn't the best first experience.. It was painful fcking painful but it later progressed to a pleasurable kind of pain.. wow horny much haha!)

July 2013
- Cheng finally got his first job :) (We celebrated over dinner and that it was the start of me waiting for him to get out of work since i had so much free time in my hands. Imagine just 5 hours of school everyday..)
- Got super duper drunk on his friends birthday (I was kind of ashamed of myself because he checked me in a hotel because I was too drunk to go home and that he just didnt want to leave me alone.. I felt so loved.)

August 2013
- He surprised me! (He took me to the mountains for my birthday.. :) I was amazed of how his close friends were so supportive of us.. They helped Cheng prepare my surprise birthday celebration I was touched and I was happy to know that Cheng has really good friends whom I love dearly as well too)

September 2013
- I felt too clingy! (Because he keeps working. I feel so bad everytime he is so busy.. I finally knew how he felt when he wasn't busy and I was.. I felt soo attached.. I missed him so badly because he was so busy with work and all but eventually I got used to it and agreed to always have dinner together once a week and spend the weekends together)
- His birthday! (Sang for him on our date in the mountains even if I had a really really bad voice. It made him giggle and happy. He was soo touched that he cried. I was touched that he liked it)

- Final exams (Now we were both super busy.. Him with work and me with school but we always find ways)
- Went on a far away adventure with my friends (We got caught making out by my friend but she said she had always knew the whole time.. Are we that obvious or are we just too close?)
- Started this blog to keep store special memories and that I just wanted to share our random stories. (I also always wanted to make a blog.)
- Got my grades for the semester (Aced the subject I retook :) Again was the highest in my batch. I even beat the third takers and broke the school record. I got the highest grade for those people who ever took that subject under him.. I was super proud)

- First ever major fight.. (Cheng cheated on me.. but eventually we became alright.. I gave him a second chance.. we talk things out and all.
- We decided to come out to those we can trust and to those few who ask. (We were starting to prepare to come out to our family.. we plan on coming out to them after I graduate which would hopefully be a year from now :) )
- Made a lot of new friends on the blogosphere :) Thanks to this blog I made a lot of new email buddies :) It makes me and cheng smile to read the mail we get and read together at times.

- Home alone surprise ;p (We had my house to ourselves :) We were like mad rabbits making love love and more love.

Happy New Year!!! ;) :) :) I hope for many more posts to come in this blog and that hopefully soon Cheng would decide to post on this blog as well or he can start his own :) :) Again thank you guys for your support ;) I love you guys and I really just cant thank you guys enought for everything ;) I am really glad that there are people out there interested about our story.