Monday, December 30, 2013

Sober Sessions

Remember the second time... We were sitting on his bed watching the movie "American Pie" in his room and I sort of got horny with all the sex related innuendo happening in the movie.

"This movie is soo green!" I said jokingly
 He then looked at me and said "Green like horny green? Aren't movies like these meant to get us horny? I like horny movies"
 I whispered, "Explains why you so horny all the time ha..."

In a serious tone he said "Show me your dick.."
I got shocked and scared.. Out of impulse I just said "What why?"
He then said "I just want to see it.. Its just us so no worries its ok"
"You have to show me yours first then ill show you mine para fair" I said
He then locked the door and pulled down the window curtains and said "Deal!"

He dropped his pants and underwear "See! Now your turn show me! Last time we were too drunk and too dark didn't really see what yours looked like"

I was having second thoughts. I was in an awkward position.. I mean its not everyday you get asked to show your dick to someone else diba? I didn't want to get him mad or anything so I dropped my pants but used my hands to cover my bits. He came close and said "Come on don't be the shy one now.."
He started trying to take my hands off my bits "Wow ah so yours is different from mines" while playing with my half hard dick.

He pushed me towards his bed and as I just lay there he started stroking and sucking. I reached my hands towards his and squeezed it and ran my hands around it. Now he moved to the floor with my legs at the edge of the bed and spread apart with him in between. He just stroked and sucked it. It felt like heaven! It felt so good! My legs were getting stiff and my toes were curled. I was cumming. He took each shot of cum in his mouth and swallowed. Now I felt tired.. I gave myself a few seconds to get myself together and returned the favor. I got in between his legs to better examine his tool, played with his balls and slowly stroked it up and down.  I took a deep breath and started to suck him. It wasn't the very best experience since I didn't really like the taste of precum but his moans made it seem that I am giving him a good time. So it encouraged me to keep sucking harder and I used my tongue to explore and wow after a few minutes of tongue and mouth play. He came in my mouth but I quickly got my handkerchief and spit it all out.

"Hey unfair! I swallowed" he said.
I simply just ignored him and lay there beside him under the covers naked and fell asleep cuddling with him.

Advance Happy New Year Guys :)

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Can I stick it in?

About a year ago we were having one of those late night chats on facebook. I still cant help but make a grin every time I remember that moment when Cheng and I argued on trying new things in bed. Luckily our convo wasn't deleted(thank god for FB archiving our convos!)

Cheng: I want to tell you something but make sure wala mga other people reading our chat now ah.

 Me: Alright, what is it?

Cheng: Things are getting boring..

Me: Ha? What things?

Cheng: Last time I was hinting that you sit on me or I get hard when I spoon with you.

Me: I still dont get it!

Cheng: Can I stick it in the next time? My hands so tired na always this every time.. I want something new hehehehe :)

Me: What?! Your saying na you want to stick yours in my bum bum?

Cheng: Hahaha uhm yea! Why not? We eventually gotta try everthing before were 30 diba?

Me: hahahaha crazy jud ka! I had thoughts of it pero I think nots pa ako ready.. I mean not to offend your or anything but im kinda scared..

Cheng: ... hmmm

Cheng: fine fine! Ako nalang first you stick yours in first but after I do you.. deal?

Me: So I go like "Can I stick it in?" when we go that level?

Cheng: Yes yes yes! But I want it all to be spontaneous ha so dont ask nalang.

Me: Are we really ready for this? I mean really im fine with just hands and mouth.. What more do we need?

Cheng: Fck! come on! YOLO baby YOLO!! :) :) :) hahaha

Me: err we will see how it goes next time we try! You sleeping over after my class tomorrow?

Cheng: Yeah pero I gotta tell mama that im doing group study para she wouldnt think anything bad.

Me: The only thing you would be studying tomorrow is my anatomy hahaha!

Cheng: You green bitch hahaha :) Tomorrow it is then ha! Prepare my fave pillow

Me: Sleepy na ako :( Ill go in awhile ha stressed out ako sa school.

Cheng: 8===D~~~ :):)

Me: Panitan jud tika sa kahibaw ka asa!(Ill take your skin off in you know where) Horny bitch

Cheng: YOLO? Our raging post teen hormones still at it!! Sige sige good night ha! Text me when you get to school lunch ta together ill skip class since long break mo

Me; text me lang haha... sige night night! :)


There is something about this convo that makes it seem funny jud.. I found this part while reading through our old convo and wow haha back then we were so "explorative" haha.. As I type this post Cheng is being a sleepyhead snoring his life out while I stay awake writing this cuz I cant sleep :( haha! ill post more when I wake up later though haha :)

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Away for five days.

Tonight I will be going outside the country to visit my grandparents :( I really do not want to go... Fortunately enough though I was able to convince my parents to let me come home earlier making my visit to my grandparents house cut short to just 5 days :) Leaving me and Cheng to be home alone for two weeks when I get back from my trip (I am excited to have him with me for two weeks) :)

On the bright side my grandparents have internet in their house so I can update whatever I can update when I get there :) I love the city I am in right now :( I love this place and I wouldn't want to leave this place because of the people, the hole in wall places and the memories made here :( I know its just five days but five days seem like such a long time to be away from everything I love... I hope though that nothing bad happens to this city while I am away :)

All I Want for Christmas 2013

 Every single year people ask for my wishlist and I have never made one till now! So I have been tagged by "Fifty Shades of Queer" a fellow blogger whose blog I religiously visit. I do not believe in chain messages but I am continuing on this blog chain for the heck of it :) I wouldn't want to ruin my sexlife diba? They say if you don't post your own version when tagged your sexlife would be cursed for 7 years! Who would want that? So go go go ;)

  1. Make a post entitled, "All I Want For Christmas 2013," and please use the photo above.
  2. List 6 things that you want to receive as a gift.
  3. Tag 3 friends who will make the same post (no tag backs).
  4. Send me the link so I could check it too (optional).
6. Polo Shirt

Who doesn't love polo shirts nowadays? So if you guys plan on sending me one I like dark colours and size L or XL if Asian sizing :) I want mooore clothes. I want to completely change my wardrobe Thanks haha

5. Boat Shoes

I want another pair of these babies :) The more the merrier :) Size 9 :)

4. Messenger Bag

Well I just want one :) These could probably be the bag I can casually bring anywhere with me :) A man needs his MURSE (Man purse) too you know ;)

3. A Watch

I want to start wearing watches for a change :that way gone are the times when I would pick up my phone just to check the time.  This is more classic :)

2. Go Backpacking/Travel

Lately I have been having urges to travel to places around the world before I reach my 30's and get busy in the rat race.

1. For our love to get stronger and better ;)

2013 has been quite a bumpy road for us but ofcourse there have been more ups than downs :) I am in love and so is he. I don't know what more I could ask for this Christmas :) Maybe to burn some calories maybe?

So this is my wishlist for Christmas 2013 ;) Email me if you want to make one of my wishes come true! I love receiving letters too! So go go go email me your special letters or gifts ;)  This won't really matter though I like giving rather than receiving :) Seeing the looks on people faces when they open their presents from me is my guilty pleasure. It makes my heart feel so light. I just love getting that feeling ;) I hope you guys enjoy your holidays as I will enjoy mines too ;)

Im gonna have to tag some fellow bloggers to hopefully make this kind of post as well to continue the chain ;)
So I want to see the wishlist of the following bloggers :)
1.Tripster Guy of
2. Jjampong of
3. Aris of

Go go go :) Merry Christmas you guys!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Give and Receive.

These past few days I lost all motivation to do anything school related because the Christmas break is fast approaching and I am pretty hyped up about it. Every Christmas I like giving away presents to my close friends and family and this year I got Cheng's car repainted and the dents repaired. Sadly though the scratches and dents on his car were caused by me about a month ago when I thought he was cheating on me and started throwing books on his car out of pure rage. However that was all in the past and now we can cover old wounds by painting over them to start a new life.

Time to prepare myself for the upcoming chain of Christmas parties to attend starting tomorrow. So I guess I gotta say bye-bye to my diet and say hello to weight gain this Christmas break. But hopefully with all the free time, I can get lots of "exercise" with Cheng. With his hands on mine and my eyes on his I just cannot wait to be like a mad rabbit and exercise every single fcking chance we get till we go dry(if you know what I mean haha). Since Cheng's dad wants to have a grandson soon why not me and Cheng try to make one and see if we can give him his present early ;) I am just glad that we both like to give rather than receive :) I cannot wait to wiggle around my bed and hold on to whatever I can grab my hands on when I receive my present haha ;)

I am excited..

Windows will be covered, doors will be locked and memories will be made this Christmas season ;)

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Over coffee and cigarettes

After getting caught by my cousin displaying much affection towards Cheng last Wednesday. I knew I had to talk to her about it otherwise hell might break lose. The emotionless look on her face. I really had to talk things out to her. So we decided to meet up at the coffee shop nearby her place at 3pm. When I got there she was already seated with a frap on her hand and a cigarette on the other.

"Hey Patty(not her real name), how is school? how's life?"

"School has been stressful as usual and I feel like dropping out of school but you know mother wouldn't like that"

"What about you Simon? How is school and life?"

"Likewise, School has been stressful for me as well and life has not been very smooth the past few months"
"So about the other night.. You know seeing me and Cheng"

she just stares at me while I try to muster up the courage to tell her..

"Well Cheng and I are more than just best friends.. You know like bf-gf.. except its bf-bf.."

She just smiled and said "Si, well we have been cousins since ever and I know you pretty well.  I have always known that you are not like the others." "Well for me there is really nothing wrong with it. It's just that... After seeing you guys together that night. Everything just made sense. My instincts were right.."

I said in a hushed manner "Can you please not tell anyone about this.. I would not want to runaway like our cousin James who was banished..."

"We are the new generation.. Not to offend our folks but I think being too traditional has shut down many things we could have done in our lives.. Dont worry. I know how it is in our family."

With that I am finally a step closer to becoming a free man. Happy Sunday to you guys :)

Wednesday, December 11, 2013


We were like kids caught in the act. We didn't know what to do... We were frozen for a minute... We got caught.. It felt so wrong but yet again it felt good. I must admit that it was my fault.. I just get the impulse of stealing kisses whenever I can and it just so happened to be in a public place.

So today at dinner we got caught by my cousin... I hope she doesn't tell anyone in my family that Cheng is really more than just a "bestfriend" to me. I don't know how much she has seen of us but I am pretty sure that she caught me pecking at Cheng's cheek when we were about to leave the restaurant. Well obviously she caught me because she didn't come close to give me a big tight hug but instead just looked at us and carried on..

 On the bright side school has not been so stressful this week and we finally get to spend the night together at his place today :) Right now he is watching a series called "Awkward", while I lay here right next to him writing this post. Its really all just love, love and love ;) I guess someone is gonna hatid-sundo me to school tomorrow :)

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Just a bestfriend?

Is it normal for 20-something year old men to still have sleepovers? Why are my parents not doubting our friendship? Do they know? Are they just waiting for me to tell them? Who knows...

So today a classmate of mine who happens to be x-years younger than me asked, "What do you and Cheng do when you guys have sleepovers?".  Hot steamy sex and cuddling!!! I said to myself..
"Nothing just video games and movies why?"
"Oh, Isnt it weird for old men like you to still have sleepovers?"
Wow! I am just 20 something and they are only about 17-19years old, why would they treat me like an old person?? Is everyone in their 20's already old to the eyes of 18year olds? Wow thanks for reminding me I am old.. sigh..

That conversation got me thinking; if my parents or his still see us as young innocent children or if they probably know what really goes on behind the white door? It sometimes makes me feel guilty having to lie to their faces every single day but what can we do? We are still not ready to rebel against our family or do we want to become the black sheep of our families. Probably slowly we will come out to them.. Just probably..

Anyways off to dinner in a few minutes with him :) I need to pig out and eat some good food before I get stressed out again for tomorrow and my make up classes on Saturday. 

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Stressed out.

Mother fudge! I am so stressed out from all the school work I have to do. So far I think I did bad in the past exams I have took. I feel like giving up but I have already reached this far and it would probably be too late to give. :( :( I dont want to be a failure.. Gah! random thought..

Sunday, December 1, 2013


The flame that was once lost has finally been rekindled. This time it burns bright and strong. The flame of our love has been rekindled. We have finally reached 17 months of being together despite the recent conflict I am glad that we are now back and stronger. It felt great finally being able to catch up on each others lives over a plateful of food, alcohol, and some much needed "us" time.

The slight awkwardness made it feel like we were dating for the first time but we got through it. We also reached a new milestone in our relationship. Apparently not all of our friends know on what really is going on between me and Cheng and that it has raised questions among them. Most of them only know that we are just "best friends" but yesterday a friend of mine opened up if it was more than just a bromance I was frozen for a few seconds and my friends who knew tried to cover up but Cheng admitted to her and my other friends and kissed me right in front of them. "No use hiding anymore, I guess.." he said. They started giving knowing remarks like "I knew that you guys were too close to be just best friends." or like "Bro! You owe me 500! I knew it!" We felt very accepted and it felt great not having to hide to some of them anymore. I am sure we also took off some burden to our friends who were protecting us.

So yes, we both have agreed to come out to all our close friends. I guess this is another step towards coming out to our parents as soon as I would be graduating a year and six months from now and I hope our plan doesn't backfire. I am glad that my other friends whom I thought would not accept us; would be so calm about this and act like if it was nothing. It feels great to have some weight lifted off our shoulders. Just 7 more months till we reach two years :) We can do this Cheng! I love you :)

BTW This blog has finally reached a month old yesterday :) Thank you guys for your never ending support to keep this blog alive and that I am glad I met a lot of new friends here in the blogosphere. I really appreciate the comments you guys leave here and the random emails I get every now and then from you guys ;) I feel very welcome here in the blogosphere world. Someday we could probably talk over a cup of coffee :) Thanks you soo much! Y.T.M "Simon" :)