Thursday, October 31, 2013

I never chose this life.

Being the eldest son in the family comes with great expectations. My parents are probably expecting me to take over the family business, to soon bring home my future wife whom shall bear my children, and to carry on the family name. It's just unfortunate for them that I, their eldest son play for the other team, I am bent, I am gay. Although I have not fully come out of the closet yet, I am pretty sure my mother has a tad idea that I am.

After avidly reading blogs of other gay Asian men for years. I have long considered in making one myself and so I did. I have finally gathered enough courage to make one myself. Though what I would share here would have to remain anonymous to protect my own and the others personal life.

To start off I am a "East Asian"-Filipino living a double life. I have accepted my fate of being gay. I hope you my future readers will enjoy reading on about my life in this blog.