Sunday, December 1, 2013


The flame that was once lost has finally been rekindled. This time it burns bright and strong. The flame of our love has been rekindled. We have finally reached 17 months of being together despite the recent conflict I am glad that we are now back and stronger. It felt great finally being able to catch up on each others lives over a plateful of food, alcohol, and some much needed "us" time.

The slight awkwardness made it feel like we were dating for the first time but we got through it. We also reached a new milestone in our relationship. Apparently not all of our friends know on what really is going on between me and Cheng and that it has raised questions among them. Most of them only know that we are just "best friends" but yesterday a friend of mine opened up if it was more than just a bromance I was frozen for a few seconds and my friends who knew tried to cover up but Cheng admitted to her and my other friends and kissed me right in front of them. "No use hiding anymore, I guess.." he said. They started giving knowing remarks like "I knew that you guys were too close to be just best friends." or like "Bro! You owe me 500! I knew it!" We felt very accepted and it felt great not having to hide to some of them anymore. I am sure we also took off some burden to our friends who were protecting us.

So yes, we both have agreed to come out to all our close friends. I guess this is another step towards coming out to our parents as soon as I would be graduating a year and six months from now and I hope our plan doesn't backfire. I am glad that my other friends whom I thought would not accept us; would be so calm about this and act like if it was nothing. It feels great to have some weight lifted off our shoulders. Just 7 more months till we reach two years :) We can do this Cheng! I love you :)

BTW This blog has finally reached a month old yesterday :) Thank you guys for your never ending support to keep this blog alive and that I am glad I met a lot of new friends here in the blogosphere. I really appreciate the comments you guys leave here and the random emails I get every now and then from you guys ;) I feel very welcome here in the blogosphere world. Someday we could probably talk over a cup of coffee :) Thanks you soo much! Y.T.M "Simon" :)