Saturday, December 28, 2013

Can I stick it in?

About a year ago we were having one of those late night chats on facebook. I still cant help but make a grin every time I remember that moment when Cheng and I argued on trying new things in bed. Luckily our convo wasn't deleted(thank god for FB archiving our convos!)

Cheng: I want to tell you something but make sure wala mga other people reading our chat now ah.

 Me: Alright, what is it?

Cheng: Things are getting boring..

Me: Ha? What things?

Cheng: Last time I was hinting that you sit on me or I get hard when I spoon with you.

Me: I still dont get it!

Cheng: Can I stick it in the next time? My hands so tired na always this every time.. I want something new hehehehe :)

Me: What?! Your saying na you want to stick yours in my bum bum?

Cheng: Hahaha uhm yea! Why not? We eventually gotta try everthing before were 30 diba?

Me: hahahaha crazy jud ka! I had thoughts of it pero I think nots pa ako ready.. I mean not to offend your or anything but im kinda scared..

Cheng: ... hmmm

Cheng: fine fine! Ako nalang first you stick yours in first but after I do you.. deal?

Me: So I go like "Can I stick it in?" when we go that level?

Cheng: Yes yes yes! But I want it all to be spontaneous ha so dont ask nalang.

Me: Are we really ready for this? I mean really im fine with just hands and mouth.. What more do we need?

Cheng: Fck! come on! YOLO baby YOLO!! :) :) :) hahaha

Me: err we will see how it goes next time we try! You sleeping over after my class tomorrow?

Cheng: Yeah pero I gotta tell mama that im doing group study para she wouldnt think anything bad.

Me: The only thing you would be studying tomorrow is my anatomy hahaha!

Cheng: You green bitch hahaha :) Tomorrow it is then ha! Prepare my fave pillow

Me: Sleepy na ako :( Ill go in awhile ha stressed out ako sa school.

Cheng: 8===D~~~ :):)

Me: Panitan jud tika sa kahibaw ka asa!(Ill take your skin off in you know where) Horny bitch

Cheng: YOLO? Our raging post teen hormones still at it!! Sige sige good night ha! Text me when you get to school lunch ta together ill skip class since long break mo

Me; text me lang haha... sige night night! :)


There is something about this convo that makes it seem funny jud.. I found this part while reading through our old convo and wow haha back then we were so "explorative" haha.. As I type this post Cheng is being a sleepyhead snoring his life out while I stay awake writing this cuz I cant sleep :( haha! ill post more when I wake up later though haha :)


  1. Replies
    1. What happened after was a blissful sensation of love, love and more love :) haha I will post more about the sacred moments soon though when I get the time :)

  2. Iiiiiiih. Napaisip tuloy ako. Baka tigang na si partner sakin. Hahaha. Well, ako definitely tigang na. YOLO na nga.

    Naloka ako sa title.

    Paturo mag-cebuano! Ugh, para next time na bibisita kami riyan alam ko na sinasabi ng mga kamaganak ko. Minsan kasi tumatango na lang ako kapag nakikipagusap sa locals. :))

    1. You will eventually get to that point hahaha the awkward stage of getting bored ;) Cebuano is sort of simple language to learn and at the same time very entertaining with how people sometimes mistake us as angry when we raise our voice unintentionally haha

  3. this convo roused parts of me I didn't know I still have :P hihi

    1. Oh my oh my someone needs some naughty fun fun fun

  4. more plsssss i want yung mga naughty juicy details

  5. Nice post :) I hope that I get my turn soon

    1. You probably will :) Do note though that were not very experienced with all sorts of things haha ;)

  6. natawa me sa YOLO thingy.... hahah

    1. Just YOLO every single thing that comes your way haha

  7. iiiiii loooooove it! =) I'm expecting a kasunod post! haha

  8. This post just made my day. Thanks for teh smile kiddo :D

  9. Awww ang cute naman. This reminds me of that relationship when I was a little older than you guys. Young lovers madly in love are the best. :)

    1. Hopefully we still stay madly in love and horny haha :)