Friday, November 1, 2013

The Night That Started It All.

This is one of the events in my life that I can't seem forget because of how significant it is to the start of my double life.

Right after taking my last exam as a college freshman. Me and a few friends decided to celebrate with a bottle of vodka at a bar located in the heart of the city. Shot after shot I drank my stress away and enjoyed the company of my friends.
A few hours passed, I was starting to feel numb and my stomach was starting to feel weird. I had to go to the bathroom quick before something bad happens. "Simon! Where you going?" my friend shouted.

"I'm gonna take a piss" I said numbly but in truth I badly wanted to throw up.

"Do you want me to come with you?" asked my friend while his arms moving shakily against the armrest trying to stand.

"It's alright, you look like you need to just sit there and rest" I said hurriedly and immediately dashed towards the bathroom.

I dashed in the closest empty cubicle I could get into and started throwing up.
While throwing up, I was starting to feel dizzy and then I fell with my head hitting the lip of the seat.
At that time I suddenly felt better but unable to move in shock with what just happened.

Fortunately because I left the cubicle door open someone came to my aid and said "Hey are you ok?" I just looked back at him in awe, wondering who he was and thinking how messed up I look.

"Well that fall must have hurt you badly" he started to help me up and started to wipe off the dirt in my face and hair. Me still left in shock from what just happen, I remain quiet and still wonder why this complete stranger is helping me.

After tidying me up he started to lead me outside the bathroom. As we walked towards the exit I was starting to lose my balance again and fell on the floor this time pulling this complete stranger with me in attempt to regain balance. He quickly got up and rapidly started to put the stuff that fell out of my sling bag back in.

He pulled me back up and placed my arm around his shoulders and with my other hand I pointed to where my friends were. He brought to my table and said "Your friend over here got into a little accident in the bathroom, you guys take care of him ok?" he then left the bar with his friends waiting in the table next to ours.

The rest of the night was a daze. I don't even know how I got home and settled in my bed that night.

To be continued soon! I still got loads of work to do before I can get back to typing the events that have occurred in my life .... BTW have a blessed All Saints Day you guys :)
The names of people and places in this post have not been clearly identified for privacy concerns.


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