Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The first dance in the dark.

Everything just happened so fast. It was never planned nor was is it expected. It was a night to see places, where the sun don't shine. Memories were made and barriers were broken. We were dancing in the dark...

Back then Cheng and I were still just best friends. We went drinking at a well known mountain park with a few of his friends one night. Because it was only the second time I got to meet his friends. I felt out of place and super shy, even if there was only the six of us. Being unable to relate to their conversations about their classes, teachers and common friends. So I just kept drinking to keep busy and to give myself an excuse to not mingle much.

A few cheers then and now, we were down to our last bottle of  Antonov. I was starting to feel so hammered from all that alcohol in my system. I started to gain an unbelievably high amount of confidence and from there I felt like I was the center of attention. They would laugh at my every joke or sincerely listen to what I say. We finally finished the last bottle of Antonov and decided to head home. I wobbled as I walked towards my car. As my hands reached towards my pocket to get the car key. Cheng told his friends that we were spending the night in the mountains because I was too drunk to drive home. So his friends left us here in the mountain to sleep in some cabin.

I felt like a child. I felt angry and told him to give me my keys so we could go home.
"We are spending the night here because your too drunk" he said

He led me into the cabin and I was already starting to feel all sobered up.
"I am doing this because I care about our safety." he said in an assuring manner

Me being stubborn I tried to get the car key from his hand while saying "I already feel better so lets just go..."
He interrupted what I was saying and suddenly hugged me.

"Just listen to me ok and stay... I thought about what you said a few months ago and I think I like you too"
We suddenly started to make out tasting the alcohol in his mouth. I didn't know how it all started.

I was starting to feel horny. I undid his pants then put down his underwear. It was pointing right at me. A virgin, dancing in the dark. It was my sexual encounter with another guy. It was the first time I held a dick with my bare hands. He just stood there frozen while I continued jacking him off. He told me to suck it but I was too scared to try at first. So he laid me down in bed and started sucking my dick. It felt so good. It was this unexplainable good tickling feeling. It was so full of sensation that I inevitably thrust my hips up and down towards his face. Till I came. I came too fast and each shot of string felt so strong. Cumming never felt so good. I felt tired but I knew I had to return the favor so I blew him for the first time and it felt weird. His precum tasted like swimming pool water and he told me to just jack him off because my teeth were hurting him. After a few minutes which felt like hours he finally came and I didn't even care anymore where it landed and  I started to lay there beside him and sleep. I was satisfied.

I woke up thinking it was just a dream till I realized I was naked under the sheaths with Cheng right next to me naked as well. After that night sex happened to become part of our routine when we meet up. We felt like mad rabbits grabbing every chance we could to do stuff to each other. We felt closer than ever and we both started to become too attached to each other. I was addicted to the pleasure he was giving me.

Woah! I had an awkward time writing this but this I should keep to remember how I started to become sexually active with my partner.


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    1. I didnt know how to put this into words. Its just somehow unexplainable. :) Thanks for visiting

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    1. Haha. Cheng wanted me to edit that part out so I guess you were lucky to have read it before he noticed ;) Thanks for visiting

    2. He's reading your blog too?

      Oops, sorry Cheng! Peace tayo. :P

  3. nice post!..how i wish my first encounter with another guy was because out of love. o well siguro next lifetime na lang hehe.

    1. Thanks for visiting :) Back then we never thought of it to end this way

  4. kilig gyud inyo story bai. :) treasure each other gyud and more power to your relationship, simon and cheng! #suyamode

    ps. i hope you wouldnt mind na wala koi profile i.attach ani na comment. discreet pud ko na bisaya. hihi

    1. Thanks but #suyamode needed haha Im sure swerte sad ka :)


    youre really lucky hope you guys keep your relationship strong