Saturday, November 9, 2013

More than just a bromance

We all have friends, some of us even have several group of friends. But of all the friends we have now, how many do we actually consider as our best friend? I am pretty sure that most of us, have that one friend we can always count on in times of need. That best friend whom we trust to keep our deepest secrets and that best friend who is like a brother to us. Who knew that my best friend would have ended up to be my partner Cheng?

Was it by chance that we met in the bar, that one drunken night? Did he purposely put his phone in my bag that night, just so we can meet again the next day? Fast forward to two years later. Even until today we both still cannot believe, on how we came to know each other. I am pretty sure that we were destined to meet each other. One way or another we both found each other. Rihanna's line "We found love, in a hopeless place" perfectly fits the situation. From then on we instantly became best friends. Which later developed into a bromance then now into something more ;)

Although our friendship did not smoothly develop into this. We also had our fair share of bumps along the way. My friends and his were at first were kinda skeptical towards Cheng and I because of how we barely had any common friends and how its weird to have met up at a bar. He felt kind of bad, because of how my friends really did not accept him at first. Eventually however they learned to accept each other and is now part of my group of friends and I part of his.

Back then we really were just friends. But to my friends and his, it was more than that. They saw us as a bromance. They say it isnt normal for people to become so close in just two months of knowing each other. They say that him taking me out for breakfast in the weekends is a bromance. They say that me picking him up late at night just to watch movies is a bromance. 

"How can you tell apart a  bromance from a normal friendship?" I asked

"You just see a bromance when two guys do things only couples normally do. Im not saying your gay though its just that you guys are so close" my friend said (back then I didnt come out to him yet) 

Me and Cheng became closer ever since the night we played 21 questions. We regularly went out and did things together (nothing sexual) as friends for a year but back then we were never a couple it was just a bromance..

Fortunately the storm was not as bad as most of us here in our area anticipated but my heart still goes out to the people greatly affected by Yolanda. 

It was sort of hard to write this post because I had a hard time on figuring out what to write today. I hope I dont run out of things to write anytime soon and also I hope that I can still have time to write more despite having classes to attend.. :)


  1. If you really want to write, it would happen. Hindi dapat pinagiisipan pa yan. ;)

    1. yep I agree with this guy... nyahaha. Blogging is expressing and sharing your experience in life. Its like telling the world how happy or sad you are, you dont need to have highfalutin words just to make your post fab. minsan simple words are enough to make your story very catchy and beautiful... keep on writing :D wag ka tumigil tulad nyan di goesef na nademonyo ko din yata kaya tinuloy tuloy nya ang blog nya lolz.

    2. You guys I took your advice and it sort of worked :) I really really liked the outcome of my latest post haha ;) It felt pressure free and I could actually feel the emotion haha ;) Thanks for visiting you guys ;)

    3. TRUE! Sulat lang nang sulat like there's no tomorrow! hehe

    4. I sure will write to my heart's content :) Thanks for dropping by my blog ;)

    5. wag mong iisipin ang iisipin/sasabihin ng iba sa way ng iyong pagsulat.
      ikaw ang magtatakda kung ano ang nais mong ishare sa folks at anong way mo idedeliver ang iyong saloobin...

  2. yup, kahit anu pa yan, isulat mo lang...
    ako nga, hindi nag-eedit or naghahanda masyado..

    isang upo, isang sulat, tapos..
    kahit tingin ko panget, mahalaga sa akin e naisulat ko ang gusto ko..