Sunday, November 17, 2013


Karoshi - means death by overwork.

Right now I am feeling really pressured to catch up with my studies. Unfortunately because of my Friday night and Saturday endeavor, I am now drowning myself with lots of school work on a Sunday. Loads of topics to study, cases to read, & a week long train of long quizzes to ace. Whats even worst is I realized over the week is that I have a really bad foundation for half of the subjects I am taking because I cheated my way to passing that foundational subject. There is no time to regret the things I have done but instead I have to work harder to adjust to what I lack.

I learned the hard way. Cheating in class really does not benefit you. My study load would have not been really heavy if I just mastered NeuroAnatomy when I had the chance. Now I am screwed. About 80% of my classes require the application of what I learned in the last semester. I guess I have to make up for what I do not have by working harder. I just hope I don't overwork to the point where I go crazy.

Cheng has been telling me to never give up and work harder. It really sounds easier said than done but wrong.. I need to be showered by a cloud full of luck to help me survive this semester. Good luck to me and Good luck to us ;)


  1. let your relationship with Cheng keep you motivated :)

  2. Replies
    1. right you are any form whatsoever...

    2. Ugh. Dati nagpapakopya ako tapos naranasn ko pang ipagawa ng project ung isa kong kaibigan nung college. Nanghihinayang ako kasi hirap maghanap ng trabaho ung kaibigan kong un.

      Wala lang. Nakakakonsensya rin magpakopya. Feeling mo isa ka rin sa dahilan ng resjlta ng mga desisyon nya sa hmbuhay

    3. Never again to cheat.. :) In life we learn from our mistakes

  3. What are you currently taking up Simon? Nursing?